Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swimming Lesson

I was able to get my 3 kids in to "semi-private" lessons - meaning just them. I had a bad experience a couple of years ago with my kids in "normal" lessons - bad, meaning Jonas under the water without the teacher knowing, me shouting for them to get Jonas out, Jonas coming out and barfing up pink barf. Nice, eh? Anyways, my kids are no fishes when it comes to swimming. They love being in the water - but not their heads in the water. So we did lessons and saw some definite improvements - especially with Miles. He goes under the water all the time now. He loves it. The other 2 kids will dunk their noses and mouths in the water a little. Still, an improvement. :) Here are some fun pictures of their last day:

All 3 lovin' it!

Thar he goes. . .



Love it!


erinmalia said...

i think that's great improvement! will you do it again next year?

Nicole said...

Fun!! I wonder if Molly will be too scared to do group lessons!! But I'm sure I can't afford a private lesson for her!! I might wait til next year and hope she is more daring...?!! I hear they can go through being scared. I'm glad it's worked out for your kids!!

You will do awesome at your event!! Just plan on your legs feeling like jello after you bike! You will be awesome! Good luck! Can't wait to hear about it!

courtney said...

that is so cool! as the mother of two less-fishy children, i think the semi-private lesson sounds perfect.