Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ward Camp-Out

We attended our ward's camp-out for the very first time. We had a good time - the kids just loved it! There were boys for our boys to latch on to, as well as girls for my Emmy to follow after. So the kids were in heaven. Poor Lucy slept poorly again - so by 2am Ben took her in the car to sleep with her there. She actually fell right asleep in her car-seat (Ben had put her there to arrange his seating, etc. and she fell asleep so he left her there) for a few hours. It was nice and cool where we went and so that was great. Our batteries died within an hour of us getting there, so we hardly got any pictures. But we did get a few:

Cutie, cutie. Good thing, too, with her poor camp-sleeping trait. :)

The boys in nature indeed.

I just had to show this picture because it is a rarity: a man multi-tasking. Whoa.

Jonas adores this tight-rope walker of a kid. He's pretty great.

Emmy in girl-heaven.

Pretty random pictures. But fun camping adventure.


erinmalia said...

those kids are a lot older--fun! our ward would NEVER do a ward campout. ha. too dirty.

courtney said...

ha ha - a man multi-tasking. i love that you thought to take a picture of that! i miss western camping.