Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crunch-time on Merit Badges

Well summer is quickly coming to an end. But, I guess technically speaking, we still have a month. I think the boys will earn them all, but we shall see. . .

Here are some of the things we worked on this past week:
One of the cooking requirement was to create and make ice cream. Well we made ice milk instead, but oh well. Also, we didn't necessarily mean to, but the flavor the boys created turned out to be "hot chocolate." More precisely, "hot chocolate with marshmallows." Every one but me seemed to really enjoy it. Miles thinks it's the best thing ever.

We also worked on the literary requirement of writing a book and illustrating it. That kind of became too much - for me, really. So I saw this on www.makeandtakes.com and thought we could do that instead. So I made a few squiggly notecards, had the boys color them however they saw them, and then we wrote a story on the back of each one:

This is Jonas' works of art. My favorite one is definitely the "man yelling." Would have never seen that one! Awesome.

These are Miles'. I like the whale - it's chasing after a pirate ship that was about to attack that man on the island yelling, "help." Awesome.

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