Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Emmy,

Well Happy Birthday little princess. Looking at the above picture will probably help me write this letter in a more kindly manner, seeing as ahem I had a really, really rotten day with you today (sure that's not nice to say on your birthday - but I am writing this 2 days earlier so hopefully you're better on your birthday - but it's also the truth.) The song-line, "You shake my nerves and you rattle my brains," comes to my mind this evening.

But I'll just keep referring to that adorable picture of an adorable little girl and try my darnedest to have happy thoughts. Here we go. . .

If there is any one word that defines you, it would simply be "girl." You are such a girl: princesses, pink, squeals, kisses, brushing hair, and ballet are all very much a part of you.

You adore all things princess-y. When we go to the library you always make sure I have some princess books - or Fancy Nancy (who I much, much perfer. . .). You love looking at their pictures and studying their ways. We had "Christmas in Fall" when we got an amazing package from Ben's sister that contained oodles and oodles of princess dresses, shoes, purses, gloves, etc. Amazing. You were, of course, a princess for Halloween. Now I think both me and your dad always vowed we would never dress up our girl as a princess for Halloween. I mean, come on? But when talk of costumes began and there was only one thing on your mind, it made total sense to have you be Belle for Halloween. Indeed, the name fits you well, too.

Pink. You love pink. It is your favorite color. Whenever you see pink, you always exclaim, "oooohhhh." You're not always having to wear pink, but if something has pink in it, it certainly endears you to it. When asked what your favorite ice cream is, you simply say "pink." YUM.

You get giddy and excited just like a stereotypical girl. You squeal, squeech, and come and hug whoever is closest. It's simply adorable. You also love to kiss me and your dad. It's funny, and totally cute. I'm not much of a lip-kisser (except for a certain man you call your father) and it kind of makes me cringe when you kiss me on the lips (I'm cringing right now. . .) but I'll take whatever sweet affections you want to send my way.

Ohhhh do you like to brush hair! I love when you brush my hair - it's lovely. :) You do like to brush your own hair, too. You used to try and brush your brothers' hair, but they would just run from you and so now you don't even try. You brush unbrushable doll's hairs. You brush Lucy's hair (she loves it!). You have also been in to having me do things to your hair - pony-tails, braids, and even curlers. You are a curler champ - you'll sleep all night in them with no complaints. And you are oh-so-adorable with curly hair.

We've started a little bit of ballet and you simply make a beautiful ballerina. Pink leotard and skirt and tights and shoes. Haired pulled back. Stunning. You try really hard to listen well and watch how to do the positions and other moves. You are especially fond of curtsying. And you often will tell your brothers that they bow and girls curtsy.

You still remain a good big and little sister. The boys like you. . . for the most part. And you like them. . . for the most part. Lucy just idolizes you Emmy. She adores you. You come in to the room and Lucy becomes the giddy one. Sometimes you can play with her positively perfectly and I just stare as Lucy is completely enthralled with you. She likes to be in your room, play with your toys, climb on your bed. And. . . for the most part. . . you let her.

You became a Sunbeam this past year in church. And you love it. Lately you've become an interesting little singer in primary: you'll sing out - very loudly mind you - a word here and there that you catch others singing. Unfortunately, it sounds like you'll be taking after my singing abilities, as opposed to your father's. But I love it nonetheless. You love to sing your made-up songs while being pushed on the swing. You sing about everything from princesses to Jesus. It's one of my favorite things to hear: Emmy singing while swinging. It always brightens my day.

You love wearing skirts, trying on multiple outfits every day, putting on lip-gloss, having your nails painted, eating candy, riding your princess bike with your princess helmet.

You Love Being a Girl.

And I love you. Through thick and thin. Through screams and giggles.