Sunday, August 28, 2011

Emmy's 4th Birthday

Well Emmy got to have a "friend" party this year. I had a friend tell me of the "every 4 year" plan for birthday parties - so kids can have friends on their 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th birthdays. Sounds perfect to me! And lucky for Emmy.

I was a little worried as to what to do since we've never really done a "friend party" and the friends that Emmy had wanted varied in ages: one girl is almost 5, another is 7, and the other 8. They are all neighbor girls and Emmy really loves them - especially the older girls. They are all so sweet and adorable. But I just planned some really low-key things and it all worked out. They pretty much just played for the first 45 minutes, then the next 45 minutes we did some of the activities I had planned: bead necklaces and painting nails. After that the rest of the friends' families came over - which included the parents and 2 brothers. Everyone played some more, then we ate cake and ice cream, opened a couple presents, played some more, then everyone left. The party started at 1pm - a perfect time I thought. A perfect time for Emmy would have been 7:15am. But it all worked out. Our kids all got to watch a movie in the late afternoon, then we had dinner, then Emmy opened her family presents.

A fun and exhausting day - for parents and birthday-girl alike. :)

Ahhh she's 4! And in curlers for her special day. :)

Birthday morning! Pink cereal and opening her morning present - sparkly sandals!

Her birthday cake. Not perfect, but pretty enough. (A big thanks to Ben for helping me create the right shape after the cake didn't rise as much as I had hoped. . .) (Oh, I also haven't broken the news to Emmy that Belle is now a one-legged amputee. . . whoops)

Here is the birthday girl waiting ever-so-patiently for her friends to come over. I made the tissue-paper pom-poms the night before and loved them (thanks to Deb for the tissue-paper!).

Here are the party girls working hard on their pop-on bead necklaces. They were big hits - especially with the older 2 girls.

Finally, cake time! Here is Emmy blowing out her candles. I told her to make a wish. She told me she couldn't. :)

The adorable girls having fun in the sandbox. (Oh I just love this picture!)

Oh man was Emmy so funny opening presents! She just opened one, hardly glanced at what it was, then went on to the next. It wasn't that she was being ungrateful, she just wanted to open, open, open the presents. It was quite ridiculous. And cute. After they were all opened, then she went back and inspected them all and played with the toys. Funny girl. (notice how the picture shows how uninterested she is in the newly opened toy and how she's already moving out to open the next one?)

A princess-in-training perhaps?

My dressed-up, spaghetti-stained Girl. Love her.

Sweet dreams birthday girl. (Classic: sleeping with her new Tangled doll, naked of course.)


erinmalia said...

that second-to-last picture? looks nothing like her! so crazy. her face looks so skinny. is it? but happy birthday little miss emmy! hooray for turning 4!

Stacey said...

i'm going to need your help when it comes to all things girl. that cake, are you kidding?? amazing. she's a lucky birthday girl!!

Nicole said...

So fun! Happy Bday Emmy!! Looks like a really fun party and the cake is adorable! Nice job!

Niederfam said...

So darling, I can't wait to have some GIRLY girl parties for little Emery. Won't it be FUN? ;)

Happy Birthday sweet spunky Emmy!!!

Oh and I LOVE the cake. Great job!

Debbie said...

So fun - and 3 party guests is the perfect amount. More than that can get crazy...trust me :)

courtney said...

i love it! i think a smaller party sounds great too. less is more, right? and i'm glad you broke belle's leg. it is about time one of those princesses had a flaw.

happy (belated) birthday, emmy!