Saturday, August 20, 2011

End of Summer odd 'n ends

Our basil did so fantastic! Wahoo. Over 50 cups worth. (We're proud of our basil because it's pretty much all we can be proud of. . .except for Miles' spaghetti squash. But we're still holding out hope. . .)

Such cute sisters! Emmy requested that Ben take a picture and I just adore it.

The backyard camp-out that was and wasn't. I had decided it would be fun for the boys to have a "before-school" camp-out in the backyard. They were all for it (and Emmy was bummed, of course. But in a year or 2 she'll have her turn as well)! Here is there cozy little area in the back.

However, by about 10pm the lightning was crazy - huge blankets of lightning, plus streaks. So that was a little concerning to me. Also, it started raining - and Ben knew they couldn't be wet all night. . . so we moved them back inside. But they boys had already fallen asleep - so, really, they got to enjoy everything but waking up outside. So they still had a great time, I think. Ben was a little bummed to have to come inside - but there's always next weekend. . .

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courtney said...

what a great tradition! (minus the lightning.) we like to steal your traditions...i'm thinking about stealing this one. it looks fun.