Monday, August 08, 2011

Family Reunion, Friday

Friday was the last day. We all checked out by 10am. Then a few of us headed over to Breckenridge for some last adventures:

We got to take a free gondola ride to the "Fun Peak," where all the fun stuff was - a mountain roller coaster, trampolines, zip lines, alpine slides, etc. And what did Miles want to do? Pan for gems, of course. :) But here are the kids eating lunch - so cute.

Emmy got to do the bounce-house. She liked it. . . until some boy was mean to her or something.

The snowfield! We met up with Debbie's family and played around on the snow for a bit.

Here is my pathetic picture of Ben and Jonas on the alpine slide. Ben had a great time! Jonas was a little upset that he couldn't "steer" it (but, really, he couldn't; he wasn't big/strong enough), and then upset that he couldn't do it again! Grumpy, ungrateful boy. :)

Here is the awesome picture Ben got of Miles and me. Oh we had fun! It was a delight. Miles exclaimed, "Wow, this really is fun!" He, too, wanted to go again.

There they are on the gondola. We actually passed Joe's family going up as we were going down. :) Fun.

After this we made the sad trek back home. . . to resume real life.


erinmalia said...

that first picture cracks me up because the kids look like they're all different ages. like, jonas looks bigger than miles and emmy looks as small as lucy! funny.

courtney said...

boo to real life! at least after a family reunion. the kids always love playing with cousins so much, it is hard to come back to normal life with just me as their entertainment. not quite as fun! but your trip looks like it was so great - i'm glad you got to go!