Monday, August 08, 2011

Family Reunion, Monday

So I'm not totally sure how to blog about the family reunion. I think I'll do it day-by-day.

We got to the place on Monday, late afternoon. "The place" was called the Wildernest area - hundreds and hundreds of condos up the moutainside, right near the town of Silverthorne, CO. It was a beautiful, mountain get-away for sure. Each family (Ben's 3 siblings and his parents) had their own condo - with Ben's parents rooming up with Ben's sister, Debbie.

Monday nite's activity - dinner - was held at the LDS ward building in Frisco. There was a lot of playing, eating, visiting, birthday singing to everyone, etc. It was a good nite and a good time to get familiar with everyone again. We did a pinata, too. In the dark, outside. The pinata was a monkey. It looked a little. . . strange. . . seeing a monkey hanging from some rope outside the LDS meeting house. Awesome.

(Oh bummer, I thought I could take some pictures from my niece's facebook and save it and post it here. But I can't. Boohoo. Someday maybe I'll get some more pictures - if so, I'll update these posts with better/more pictures. So no pictures for this day.)

P.S. Uh, nevermind. I do have some pictures:
This picture is for our wonderful friends, the Fillmores. They lived right by here and this was their ward building for a couple (?) of years. We thought of them. :)

The 2 little monkeys.

Each nite 4-5 grandchildren were "spotlighted." The grandchild showed, did, or talked about themselves, their hobbies, etc. Monday nite included Lucy as a spotlight. She entertained us all by clapping, waving and such. Adorable.

One good thing about late nites: no trouble in getting 3 tired kids to sleep in the same bed. Thank goodness.


erinmalia said...

ooh, easy to sleep is a very good thing.

courtney said...

lucy. i know i've said it before - but she is too darn cute! and i love emmy posing with the monkey. awesome.