Monday, August 08, 2011

Family Reunion, Thursday

On Thursday we decided to take a bike ride on the path around Lake Dillon. We had forgotten/not realized how incredibly slow Emmy is on her training-wheel bike. Painfully slow. So slow that when I was with her, I would fall off my bike usually. She really wasn't too in to it either, but she managed to push through and did okay. The path was really neat and beautiful - but very crowded as well. And Miles had trouble staying on the right side. I think some old man even yelled at him - which was totally appropriate. Ben and I had reminded him multiple times. . .

Anyways, we rode for about an hour and ended up at the marina. There was a park there and so we stayed there and played for a bit (and got our only pictures - lame!). Then the plan was for me to ride with Emmy and Ben would go with the boys (plus Lucy on his bike), get the car, and meet Emmy and me at a closer spot. Well Ben forgot to get (and I forgot to give) the keys to the car that were in the backpack I was wearing. Oh well. Ben and the boys met me and Emmy at the designated spot and then Ben took off to the car and drove back and met us - it seriously took him like 5 minutes! Super-man fast. I had to walk my bike while I pushed Emmy on her bike for 3/4s of the time back. But it was okay. I enjoyed being with her and chatting - once she finally stopped crying. She even asked several times to let her bike on her own. Okay!

In the afternoon we played with cousins and even made tie-dyed shirts. Super fun.

That evening was our last evening and it was again at the Frisco ward building. We had dinner, more playing, visiting, etc., etc. We had 2 more presentations, this time on Jim's parents. Jonas had his spotlight (we forgot the camera! :( ) and so we shared a cute letter he wrote (I luv Loose. . .) and he rode his bike around and did a few of his "tricks." Fun times, but sad knowing it was the last nite. . .

Well here are the only pictures from Thursday:
Lucy loved being in this little contraption! It was the perfect holding place. :)

This was like a merry-go-round. Only modern. Cool.

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