Monday, August 08, 2011

Family Reunion, Tuesday

Tuesday morning. . . oh what did we do that morning? I think we pretty much just hung out that morning at different condos. The highlight of the entire trip for our kids was playing with their cousins. And they have fantastic cousins if I do say so myself. Wowzers. Emmy loved hanging out with the girl-cousins and they were so sweet and good to her. Painting her nails, etc., etc. She was in girl-heaven for sure. And the boys adored being tossed by their cousins and wrestling with them and watching them on their long-boards. Super cool kids.

Then around 11 we all gathered at a nearby park and took a big family photo. It was pretty painless and all went well! After that we just played at the park for hours and ate lunch. Ben and I even got to toss the frisbee around while Lucy played nearby on the grass and the other 3 kids were entertained by their cousins.

After dinner we all got together again and met at the clubhouse for some presentations on Diana's parents - Great-grandpa Miles (to my kids) and Great-grandma Dee. Ben presented on Miles and it was really good and interesting. Miles, our boy, was so in to it.
Here's Lucy being silly at the clubhouse. Spitting actually.

Emmy was one of the spotlights for Tuesday evening. She did some ballet. I got some real lousy shots of a really adorable ballerina.

Here is quite the picture of our kids and cousins: Lucy climbing up Curtis' leg (Curtis will be leaving for a mission to India [India!!!] in October), Emmy sitting on Ashly's lap and sticking her tongue out (what!?) at Curtis, and Miles sitting on Elliot's lap (Elliot is the oldest cousin and married to Ashly). And you can see my elbow. . .


erinmalia said...

where are the family pictures?!

emily said...

on jim's camera. i'll get them and then post them sometime!