Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy


This is my first letter to you. I should have started last week (and of course I meant to but never did. . .) because there are probably 10,000 things I could say to you. But even if I did say 10,000 things, I'd probably leave out 10,000 things more. So. . . where do I begin and where do I end?

You are a complete joy (well, 99.9% is pretty close to complete, right?) to our family. Each one of us - me, Dad, Miles, Jonas, and Emmy - think the world of you. We are all so much in love with you. You brighten up our days. For me, you bring serenity when my world is full of chaos. Softness when my world is full of roughness. Sweetness when my world is full of sourness. You can make me smile when all I really want to do is scream at the very tippy top of my lungs and pull all my hair out (ahem, older siblings. . . ).

You go with the flow of our always crazy and sometimes fun family. You are totally on-schedule (with naps, etc.) just like your 3 older siblings. But you are so much more adjustable if that schedule is disrupted, which occurs more than with Miles, Jonas, or Emmy. You readily accept change and are usually pretty delightful through it.

The attention in our family seems to be focused on you a lot. You're the bright center of it. I don't think you really mind it - tho', through your grunts, I know you're not a big fan of being picked up by your siblings like all the time (and neither am I, for the record).

I called you a sloth from about 6 months - 10 1/2 months. You just didn't move around. You just sat up and watched the world dance (or scream) all around you. You were completely entertained to stay put. Or, as mentioned, someone did the transporting of you for you. You didn't get a ton of "floor-time" because we had places to go and things to do (inside and outside of the home). You and me were sling-buddies. I miss carrying you in my sling. When we'd take Miles to school and pick him up, you were slinging it with me. I treasured it. You made me feel safe, secure, loved, and at home. What a blessing you are to me.

While you do love all your siblings (I can just tell these things. . .), I think there is something about Emmy that endears you to her. Probably because she is your sister. Oh you just idolize her already and get giggly sometimes when you just see her. It's too adorable.

I call you our little stair-master. We have 3 sets of stairs in our house and, apparently, stairs are your favorite toys! And stair-climbing your favorite activity! Oh the agony that is in our home. :) In fact, Miles was just recently talking about your birthday and thought we should just let you climb up stairs all day long. :)

Although we have gone through the baby-stage 3 times already before you, we are just as thrilled (perhaps more thrilled?) with all the new tricks you learn. Like clapping. We love it. Like waving (you wave like a beauty-queen - elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist - by the way). We love it. Like saying "hi," "uh-oh," and "ba" (ball). We love it. Ah, we just Love You Lucy!

You love books. Especially baby books and animal books. They grab your attention. You also love to turn the pages of books (maybe you like that even more than listening or looking at the pictures????). You ripped a hymnal once at church from your aggressive page-turning skills. Whoops.

Your favorite foods? Well, gosh I don't know. But I do know what it's not: avocados and most vegetables! You will eat green beans and carrots. You hate, even despise, avocados. You get the willies when I feed it to you - which I do, on occasion, because you and the willies are just too cute. You pretty much eat oatmeal w/ fruit every morning and yogurt/muesli for lunch. You like cheese. Crackers. Chocolate chips (how can I not share with you when you ask so adorably, via grunting?). You also seem to like meat too. Especially kalua! You love kalua! In fact, Grandma Dixie and Grandpa G. are coming today for your birthday and they are bringing left-over kalua - what a perfect birthday dinner for you! And I just can't wait to see you eat your cake - I hope you love it and all its sweetness. I haven't even made it yet, but it already reminds me of you. . .

Well Lucy I am just going to end here. I've skipped 10,000 things, I know. But other duties pull me away right now and so I guess here's as good as place as any to stop. Because, you know, I could just write about you and your yumminess for practically forever.

Lucy I love you. I treasure you. Again, what a blessing you are to me.

Happy birthday,