Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lucy's 1st BirthDAY

Well the day has come and gone. I miss it already. It wasn't particularly amazing, just sweet and fun. We had somewhat of a busy morning. There was a primary prez. meeting at my home from about 8:30-10am, then we went downtown to meet up with some of our friends and play at the plaza. By the time we got back it was lunch, then down for naps. Luckily both my girls napped and so I was able to clean up the kitchen a bit and get Lucy's cake finished. After nap we just played and waited for my parents to arrive. They arrived just about the exact time that I couldn't take "When will they be here!?" anymore from my kids. :) Ben got home from work a little while later and then we had dinner, did presents, and ate cake. Here are the pictures:
Good morning Sunshine and a Happy Birthday to ya!

The birthday-traditional crepe paper on the door was a little daunting to Lucy. :)

Miles had made Lucy 1/2 a dozen "gifts." Here she is opening one of them.

Miles sewed this "rattle." He had some plastic thing that he filled with buttons. Then put it in the fabric and stuffed it with batting. Then stitched it all up. How awesomely cute and wonderfully thoughtful.

Here's her sweet cake. I liked how it turned out. And it was yummy too - fresh strawberries in the cake and frosting. YUM.

We played up in Emmy's room for about a 1/2 hour - Lucy was practicing her standing. It's all she did. She'd put her hands on someone's tummy, stand up for .5-15 seconds (sometimes clapping while standing), plop down on her bum, then do it all over again. It was so fun - for all of us!

Here she is opening her presents after dinner. Oh the joy.

Classic picture of a baby - with siblings - opening presents, right!? The other kids have played with the gifts just as much as Lucy has the past 2 days!

I had to show this picture because 1. it's cute having Lucy's face framed in her present and 2. I had to show one with my mother in it.

Lucy's few gifts were practically perfect for her. She loves them.

Birthday cake time! She was a little unsure of sitting on the table, I think.

A little unsure at first. . .

A little more enticed. . .

Enjoying it. She didn't go crazy, but I think she definitely enjoyed it.

We all thought Lucy could tell it was "her" day and that the new toys were "hers" and that the cake was something neat and exciting.

Most of all, I think and hope she just felt extra-special on her day!


Diana said...

So fun to see the birthday. Thanks for doing such a good job on your blog. That helps feel like we are almost there.

erinmalia said...

Yeah! Happy birthday little Lucy!

i {heart} hawkes said...

oooooh i'm loving the personalized cake banner, and lucy is a doll too! that year went so fast. the pic with your mom is great too.

courtney said...

it has really been a year? happy birthday lucy! she is such a cutie pie - glad her personality matches her good looks!

Nicole said...

Geez I am so behind on your blog! The cake is totally darling as is Lucy!!