Monday, August 22, 2011

My BOYS' First Day of School, 2011

Miles started his first day of 2nd grade. He was excited. When I told him last Monday that in one week he'd be going to school, he replied, "Oh, I wish it was today." I'm so glad he likes school! He has the same teacher as last year - which he (and we) was super happy about. We dropped him off at his "old" classroom and he was ready and anxious for it all. So glad.

And Jonas. Sniff, sniff. When I told him he couldn't possibly be starting school because he's my baby boy, he replied, "Well I am 5 and I have a backpack." So true, Jonas! He did great today. I had to count today as his "first" since it was for Miles. But it was kind of an "intro, find out what they know" type of day. He went from 8:30 - 11 (he'll be doing 8-11 normally). Then he's done for the rest of the week. Silly!
The cute bunch getting ready to head out in the morning.

He's so big. . . yet so little. :)

He LOVES his backpack - and, thus, I do too. It's a definite "Jonas backpack." Cooool.

My 2nd grader!

Cutest 2 brothers, I think. :)

Another one. Sorry, I just can't help posting tons of pictures.

We had to wait about 30 minutes in between dropping Miles off and then Jonas off. So we played at the playground. Fun times for everyone!

He melts my heart. The first thing he said when I picked him up, "I had fun!" Oh isn't that the best??? He has since told me about 2 friends he made - both girls. He made them laugh a lot he told me. They like to speak a lot of spanish I was also told by him. But he doesn't know their names. But he does know he wants to marry one of them. :) So I would say his "first" day was a flying success. . .


Niederfam said...

oh I know it's bitter sweet, mitt started back today, but eased in 8-1......i thought i might skip away happily but i walked sadly and shed a tear or two, i miss that kid already. but major is the one who REALLY REALLY misses his brother. poor guy must have asked me 90 times when mitt would be home. ;( although he was happy to learn that he could be the "MAN" of the house now! ;)

courtney said...

hahaha! i love that jonas had such a successful day - and even met the girl of his dreams? that IS a good day. i also love that his two (girl) best friends were the ladies he made laugh a lot. boys sure do love a girl that will laugh at their jokes! so glad they both had good first days.

oh, and to answer a couple of questions you asked on my blog:
#1 - yes, we do always do a 1/2 birthday present. (so far!) he gets one gift on his actual birthday and one on his half.

#2 - we ARE following square foot garden techniques...with lame results. at least I think we are! ha ha. we don't get a ton of sunlight - so i wonder if that is our problem?

erinmalia said...

i can't wait to hear how jonas's first real day goes! such cute boys.

Emily said...

I think they are cute boys too! Now you get some mother/daughter times with just the girls! The backpacks are cooool as well!

Nicole said...

Oh how fun!! Back to school. Molly will start in Sept. and I'm anxious to see if she likes it!!

And I love the pics of the kiddos in the fridge! How fun to have one from 64 yrs ago!!