Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ridgway 2011

So we are trying to get in a few last summery things before school starts on Monday. So last Monday we all went to Ridgway. It's the first time I've been all summer and of course I left wondering why we didn't go more often. But I don't want to go by myself with 4 kids - all of who can't swim. But anyways, we did have some great fun:
So I'm definitely partial, but what a cute bunch! :)

Lucy pretty much loved every minute of it. She'd crawl right into the water, play in the sand, etc., etc. I think she's the only one that did mind the cold water (including Ben and me:).

Our very own little beach crab.

Ben helping her get in and play.

Miles liked playing in the sand just as much as the water (or more?) - it was definitely warmer than the water. Ha.

Jonas making some splash!

Emmy just loved, loved, loved floating like this. It was so fun for her.

Silly, but cute, girl!

The water aged Lucy greatly.

We also played at the park there. Jonas is really into swinging. He loves it!


Niederfam said...

Oh I LOVE it, just like you said, why didn't we do it sooner? Next year, perhaps. ;)

courtney said...

i LOVE the picture of lucy at the edge of the water.