Saturday, September 24, 2011

Annual Fall Trip to the Mesa

Well lucky for me and the rest of the family Ben's Young Men's hiking trip had to be canceled. So instead of Ben doing a mighty hike with the youth in the ward, he got to take his family on a little-bitty hike on the Grand Mesa. We do this every fall-time; it's perfect for our little family: a short hike to a beautiful lake. Today was the warmest we have ever had there. It was totally nice. Lucy and I got a little sun-burned, too.

Me and Lucy trekking on up to the lake.

Lucy playing with worms - she was so interested in them. Mainly interested in pulling them apart. Awesome.

Since the boys learned to cast, this was a perfect opportunity for them to apply it! Fishing was much more fun for them, for sure. Jonas and Miles both did great in casting. It was just too adorable watching them.

Lunch time! And, if our batteries didn't die I would have gotten pictures of:

Emmy literally getting stuck in the mud.

The one and only fish caught on Emmy's line. A pretty big and beautiful rainbow trout. Not your typical stocked-trout.

The boys out on the rocks in the lake.

Wilson dragging around his leash.

All the kids getting soaked in their jeans, up to their mid-thighs, playing in the lake.

Lucy, Lucy, and more Lucy.

Jonas and his skinny 'n' white bare legs "jogging" on the trail back home
(his soaked jeans were causing some extreme discomfort, especially on some foot-wound he had gotten earlier. so we took of his pants and wow! did he become happy again. and the cutest 1/2 naked hiker in the whole entire world.)

The 3 kids eating cookie-dough ice-cream from a small-town local store on our way home.

A perfect way to end a delightful day.


erinmalia said...

oh i so want to be there with you! mostly i want to see a half-naked jonas. :)

if my word verification is "caltec" does that mean one of your kids is going to cal tech? my bet's on emmy.

Niederfam said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures, SWEET little updates, I wish I had time to read and respond to more. LUCKY girl, LUCKY family, LUCKY you!!!!!

Nicole said...

What a fun tradition! I love it! Yay for Lucy walking!!

rebecca said...

Love Lucy's pink/red sweater. That was one of my favorites on my little girls. Awwww. So sweet.

Your family goes on the best adventures. You always amaze me with what you manage to do with all those kids!

courtney said...

what a perfect day! so sorry to miss the pictures of lucy, lucy and more lucy. :)