Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday the 13th

So last nite we had an additional 13 people sleep over at our home. So 19 of us in all! It was rather delightful. A few of Ben's best-friends from HS ran the Imogene Pass Run. It starts in Ouray - which is about 45 minutes from our home, so lucky us we got to see the runners and a bunch of their families.

We had a bunch of Formisanos come and stay: Paul (he ran), Shanna (his wife) and their 2 kids: Olivia and Maren; and we also had Paul's lovely sister, Lara. Then there were the Tandbergs. Paul and Kristen (bro. and sis.) came. As well as Dave (bro. and runner). Then Dave's brother Steven and his wife Crystal, along with their 3 little girls: Mariah, Lila, and Emmalynn. Pretty fun, huh?! Steven and his family didn't come until midnight and so we woke up to a fun home - our kids were in happy heaven. Oh they had fun and kept wanting to know how long their "cousins" would be staying. It was a perfectly crazy Saturday morning.

We headed out for Telluride (where the race ended) and missed speedy Paul at the finish line. :( Out of over 1,100 runners, Paul was 47th or 48. Talk about crazy! And this is an insane run - a 17.1 mile run on a rugged mountain path trail, with an elevation gain and then loss of about 6,000 feet. Wowzers. We then waited a little bit for Dave to come in (who just came from Florida 2 days ago - zero elevation there!) and then just a few minutes later came Lara - who always looks beautiful at the end of these excruciating events! Those 3 were pretty impressive, that's for sure.

We hung out for a while and then our family went to a little park in town that was just. . . cool. It was like a little "toddler park" in the forest. There was a little pond, too, that delighted the boys. We ate our lunch there. And Lucy was just the cutest (we were so sad we forgot to take our camera!). She could totally climb up and around the play-equipment and then she'd go down the slide. . . all by herself. The end of the slide totally levels out and so she'd never just kabomp off it. Oh her face was just The Best as she would come down the slide. You could tell she was lovin' it and also that she felt a little like she was livin' on the edge. And when she'd finished, you could see how awesome she thought she was. Oh it was the best.

After lunch we went to the gondola - a free ride up and over the mountains. Lucy ended up falling asleep and we couldn't find any free parking, so Ben dropped me off with the 3 older kids and he drove around with Lucy. It was a great ride and the kids loved it. It sure was steep at times - wowzers. We got back and found Ben - he was chatting with Formisano/Tandberg clan, as they were getting ready to head up on the gondola as well. We said our goodbyes and then drove back home.

A fun weekend with some old-time friends. Old-time friends = good-times.


erinmalia said...

dude. don't ever forget your camera agan.

Debbie said...

I would have loved to see all those people! How fun! That does sound like a killer run.

Emily said...

Wow!! 19 people, you are so good to host! Sounds like a lot of fun!

courtney said...

me = jealous! so glad you all had such a great time. i still can't believe dave came from sea level to run it. but then again, he IS dave. so maybe i can believe it.