Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Saturday of Summer 2011

Our last Saturday was nothing real special, but oh well. I got in a good run in the cool morning, Ben chopped down one of our dead trees out front, and the kids just had fun doing whatever. Here are some pics just for fun:
I don't know why, but I really like this picture. Cute Lucy is probably why.

The boys had one last requirement to get their final merit badge: cast a line. They had practiced it quite a few times during the summer (when they were actually at a lake fishing), but hadn't quite gotten it. So Ben took the hooks off their fishing poles, weighted down their lines, and instructed them a little more and a little better. And wah-lah, the boys could cast. They were really excited about it!

And here they are with their entire merit badges earned this past summer. Wahoo. Fun times. So we had talked of glorious plans to celebrate the completion and earnings of their merit badges. Anywhere from Dairy Queen to Chucky Cheese (neither place have my children been). And we ended up at McDonalds. Ha! But it was exciting to the boys for 2 reasons: 1. They got to get something other than a plain ice-cream cone (chocolate shake for Jonas, M&M McFlurry for Miles) and 2. They got to play at the play-thingy (something we hardly ever, ever do). So it was special, right?! :)

We girls came, too. But the little girls didn't get a "special" treat like the boys - but a treat is still a treat. In fact, Lucy had gotten immunizations yesterday and the nurse there had given us 2 coupons for free ice-cream cones at McDonalds. So, Lucy got her very first own cone:
Uh, yeah, she was lovin' it.
Just devouring it! I think she loved the yumminess of it, as well as the knowledge that it was hers, all hers. Holding it herself was just as exciting as eating it, I think, for her.

Here's Lucy going down the slide. She was a little unsure, as you can tell by her still holding on to the edge. Cutie!


erinmalia said...

congrats on finishing the merit badges boys! how fun.

Nicole said...

That is so cute!! I loved the first pic too. Cute Lucy!! Gad everyone was happy at McDonalds!!

Emily said...

I love the merit badges that you did with the boys! Looks like a lot of fun, and you can see how proud they are of themselves. And who doesn't love McDonalds!? Good times!

courtney said...

lucy's ice cream goatee is the best! i think i'm going to make a list of merit badge goals for myself...and maybe a sash to display my badges? good work jonas & miles!