Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Little Trip to Littleton

We got to Littleton on Friday evening, right at dinner time. We had a lovely dinner outside in the backyard. We ate and then kids frolicked around a bit. A nice evening. Then Saturday the boys (2 old ones, 2 young ones) headed out on the Highline Canal (a huge path system all throughout Denver suburbs) to go on some more bike jumps.
But what the kids did most was not bike-jump. They did a lot of exploring around! How fun. This was their "secret" place as Jonas told me when he saw the picture. Looks pretty fantastic.

They did do some bike-riding, too, though. I just had to show this one as it is so classic: Jonas' crooked helmet and his tongue sticking out. Awesome.

Guns! What happened was that there were 3 other boys there, ages 10-11ish, who wanted to ride our boys' bikes. Well our boys wanted to play with their toy guns. Perfect swap - everyone was happy!

More riding. . .

We girls had a good time, too, while the boys were away. Lucy pretty much napped the entire time. And Diana (Grandma) helped Emmy make play-dough and then we just sat and played for the next hour or 2. It was fun visiting with Diana and just being with just Emmy.
There she is all ready to make play-dough.

Emmy also enjoyed eating some lunch out back with Grandma - shirtless of course. Why not?


Miles and origami. Jim and Diana had bought some origami kits and boy oh boy were they tough to do! Holy moly, I think I succeeded in getting about 2-3 of the animals made. But Miles just kept working on getting them - or getting me to work on them. :)

Cute and ready for church.

A lovely Sunday stroll. On the Highline Canal of course.

Professor Maxwell at your service.

Professor Silly Maxwell at your service.

Sunday nite. Grandma Dee (Great-Grandma) came over that evening as we had dinner and celebrated (with rhubarb pie) Diana's birthday. Our 3rd dinner outside - the kids were in heaven. Grandma Dee brought each child a little stuffed animal some friend of hers had given her. Jonas just immediately attached to his and this is how we found him sleeping that night. So sweet.

Race day! Due to parking issues, my whole family was not going to be able to make it and watch me finish. Oh well, no biggie (though of course it would have been fun). So my most wonderful of husbands (okay, okay, I do only have one), who had already expressed a thousand sweet times how he wanted to be there the whole time with me, decided to come up early with me and take Lucy along, too. Lucy might have had a hard time being away from both me and Ben for that long of a time. So we got up around 5am and headed out at 5:20. We got to the event place by 6 and it was a chilly morning. Brrrrr.
Here I am getting ready - with my littlest fan! Of course she was ogled and ahhhed by everyone there. :)

The race started out with a 5K+ run (3.1 miles, plus some). I ran faster than I normally do (which is still sadly slow) and didn't enjoy the last 3/4 of a mile that was all up hill. As in Up a Hill, as opposed to a gradual incline. Wowzers. It was a little daunting because this was the 1st time I was doing it and I knew I still had a bike race to do and then run this again - with this at the very end. Bummer, but oh well! :)

Here I am after my first running-leg and in "transition" area. I drank some water, threw some skittles in my mouth, and headed out. The bike-ride was 18.6 miles. I was hoping for some fast down-hills, but didn't get it. There were downhills for sure, but not long enough or steep enough to fly. . . :) There was a killer up-hill (that I got to do twice since we did the loop 2 times). But the ride was fun and neat and enjoyable (exercise-enjoyable, as opposed to eating-chocolate-chips-enjoyable).

And here is what sweet little Lucy did while I was on my bike. :) And what a good dad to get her to fall asleep without a murmur.

Awake and totally happy! Waiting for mom to come.

The last part of the race. I had just finished The Hill. Yay!

And here I am crossing the finish line. Whoopeee. (The time is not my actual time, seeing as I started 15-minutes after the first group went out.)

And post-race: Lucy had already begged another racer to give her her food - she was "signing" eat or food and the lady claimed, "How can I refuse?" :) Lucy didn't really like it. I didn't either. So I think Ben ate most of it :)

So let's talk goals. I had the goal of a finish time of 2:20-2:30. Totally got that: 2:08:04. Most of you won't care, but here's the low-down (or slow-down, ha! i'm so funny):

1st running leg: 27:48 (pace 8:58 MPH)
1st transition: 0:52
Bike ride: 1:09:22 (pace 16.1 MPH)
2nd transition: 55
2nd running leg: 29:51 (pace 9:38 MPH)

I had the goal of feeling good when I finished. Which I did, for the most part. The bright, blazing sun seems to make me sick. So once I got out of that, I felt dandy. And had some cold water, that was blissful, too. And saw my handsome man and adorable baby. That also made me feel grand.

The last goal I did not meet. I did not run faster on my 2nd leg. Which is understandable, but still. Ben told me I should have run the first one really slow. :)

So I was pleased with myself when compared to myself. Not so much so when compared to others! I was 5th out of 6 in my age group. :) And 118 out of 176 total runners. 36 out of 57 females. Usually in races I'm in the 50th percentile. And that's fine with me - 50% of people run faster than I, and I run faster than about 50% of the others. I like that. So being more towards the bottom is not as fun. But oh well. I think this race attracts more "serious" athletes. I think my Utah races has a wider range of "athletes," with me being right in the middle of that kind of mix. How's that for an excuse?

Anyways, it was a great trip. Ben and I also took a trip to Fort Collins, with Lucy, on Saturday afternoon. I have talked of us moving there one day and so we went to check it out. It was a crazy weekend to go with the college students all dressed up like a bad Halloween party (really, they were in costumes) for a bike parade or something that had happened earlier that morning. But we had a really good time with just the 3 of us. Jim and Diana were amazing to watch our other 3 kiddos so much! What a treat - for all of us. :)


erinmalia said...

so what did you think of fort collins? and congrats on the race! i thought you were 6th, but no. i think you're right about the type of people running this. if i was at work, i'd look at the speeds and compare them to bigger races with "athletes" and i'm sure we'd see a difference. sub-9-minute-mile is awesome!

Amy said...

I had to check out what race you did-that looks like fun! Great job-I admire you so much!

i {heart} hawkes said...

you are one tough mama! congrats on your race, i think you did great.

Debbie said...

Oh Em, you're too hard on yourself. You're amazing!
If you take all of us lazy people who have never run a race before into consideration, you're probably in the top 1%! :)

Niederfam said...

Way too hard on yourself. HELLO, you did it, you did AWESOME and who cares??? Just compare YOU to YOU. I say WELL DONE, REALLY. ;) REALLY.

Although I do tell myself the same thing........these people are real athletes, me, I'm just a mommy hoping to make it to the gym 5 days a week, right? ;)

GOOD FOR YOU. SO??? Will you do another?

Oh and I'm with you, HILLS are KILLER, running or biking, who wants to "climb" anyway???

Montrose Lewises said...

You are AWESOME! And I love the silly professor pic! :D

Nicole said...

That is amazing!! Nice job! Wow, that sounds really hard!! I'm very impressed :)