Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Fall-Time!

Fall + Leaves + Jonas = Pure Joy.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday Nite, Foiled

Friday night's plan:
Get Lucy down early
Babysitter come at 7pm
Ben and I got out on our semi-annual date - which included playing tennis, getting a small bite to eat, and star-gazing

What happened instead:
4:00 - Called the babysitter and rescheduled to next Friday, since Emmy had been sick all day and was then running a temp of 102.7
5ish hour - started getting dinner ready, home picked up, etc.
6:06 - Emmy barfs all over herself. . . and me.
6:08 - Clothes stripped off. Emmy in the tub. Then Emmy to bed.
6:25 - Eat dinner with the rest of the family.
6:40 - Get Lucy down to bed.
7 - Help Miles make this craft (I had already worked on one with Jonas earlier in the day.)
Get boys to bed.
Plan 2-weeks of dinner with Ben.
Watch 2 episodes of Dick Van Dyke with Ben.
Read a tiny bit.
Go to bed.

Life happens.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rain, by Miles

Rain is here splat splat
Rain is here splat splat
So many drops splat splat
Rain will go and come again splat splat
Drying up, drying up, the sun is out
The rain is gone

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Curlers. . .

Yes, I put them in Lucy. Yes, I'm crazy. No, I didn't make her sleep in them. In fact, I took them out pretty soon after I put them in because she didn't like me blow-drying her hair and she was ready for bedtime. Yes I did put one on top on Sunday morning - per her father's request. No, I didn't get a picture. Next time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Tis the Season. . .

to post pictures of our Annual Trip to the Pumpkin Patch:


Jumping off the haystack is always an adventure. This picture is just too great.

Li'l Beauty.


So doesn't have much fear.

Here we are on the hayride.

And here they are.

Lucy was so excited to have found a furry little friend there!

Super sweet.

Man this picture would have been perfect if it would have focused on the handsome boy as opposed to the hay behind said boy. (Yes, I'm beginning to realize that perhaps the first camera we bought wasn't the problem - but the picture-takers behind the lens are. . .)

Oop, must be time to head home. This little one was hungry!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bragging Rights

If you don't like posts where it's all about how good and wonderful their children are, then you should read elsewhere today. Because it's my blog and I'll brag if I want to (sing to the tune of "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. . .").

Truthfully, I'm just so proud of my boys. They make parent-teacher conferences delightful. I met with Jonas' teacher yesterday and Miles' teacher this evening. And I came out of both meetings with a happy heart. :)

So Miles. Ben and I have always known he's smart. His critical and deep thinking skills are extremely impressive. Really. He's also excelling in the more formal academic areas - like math and reading, and creative writing. His teacher said he's doing excellent in math and is in the top group. He is above grade-level in his reading. His reading has taken off leaps and bounds in just this past year alone. He amazes me with his knowledge of words. As he has become more adept at reading, his mumbling has greatly diminished. In fact he talked to Jonas' teacher about having him come in and read to Jonas' class. The 2 teachers (his and Jonas') coordinated with each other and Miles went in last week and read Jonas' class a story. How great is that? His creativity has surpassed mine. And his actual penmanship has improved greatly as well. Still has plenty of room for improvement, though. . . Spelling. Well that's an area that needs more work on as well. He follows instructions, does what he's asked - now why can't he do that at home!?

Now Jonas. Sweet Jonas. So Jonas' smarts were often overshadowed by Miles. Miles was just easy for us to see how smart he was - via his questions. Jonas isn't quite the critical thinker that Miles is. But Jonas reads far better than Miles did at his age. Jonas is a good little reader. He has been for a while - and now he is picking up a lot of the sight words and so reading is becoming more and more fluid for him. I think he'll be a great reader, too. He's an excellent writer - for a kindergartner. He writes sentences - as opposed to a word here or there as is more expected at this time in his schooling. In fact his teacher said she had to turn in a "best" written exercise and she chose Jonas'. :) And I really should give credit where credit is due. So credit goes to Miles. They write notes, stories, etc. during the day and at bedtime and Miles even told me he showed Jonas how to space his words, make sentences, etc. Gotta love it! Jonas is such a sweet, good boy. He told me today how Victoria asked him if he had a crush on anyone. He told her no. Then he asked his best buddy Jake what a "crush" was. He was informed it was when you love someone else. So I asked him if he had a crush on anyone - yep, Bella and Victoria. :)

I love my smarty boys! And if I were a 2nd grader or a Kindergartner, I'd definitely have crushes on Miles and Jonas.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leaf-It to Miles

Of course this is Miles' handiwork. 3/4 of the kids loved it. . .

A Boys Camp-Out

So Jonas kept asking me and Ben when he could go camping again. I told him, "Oh probably when summer comes again." However, since it has been so warm (low 70s), Ben thought why not now? So he took the 2 very-thrilled boys camping on Friday nite. Here are the pics (sort of out of order):
Some much-needed comic relief. By the time it got dark, these boys were scared. Scared might be an understatement. Freaked, perhaps? Per Ben's report they were just worried about every little noise, convinced a bear was going to eat them up, exclaimed "We're never going camping again!" and "We're only camping in the backyard!". When they went to the car to get their PJs on, they started being silly - it probably felt so good to them to laugh.

How cool are these fire-sticks?! The boys love playing with fire. And since there were no little girls around, they got free-reign to play and be fire-lovin' boys!

Eating some tasty bread at camp.

Such a cute picture, albeit a little fuzzy. They slept in our little tent and really enjoyed that! It's been years since we've used that one.

Ohhhh. Ahhhh.

Haha, here is Jonas doing the "booty-dance." Suh-weet.

Oh I love this picture! So Miles figured out that when you place brown pine-needles on the fire - KABOOM it explodes the flames a couple feet higher! So cool. We're guessing it's b/c the pine-needles are super dry or something. Oh he loved that activity!

Two cool campin' boys. And one cool campin' dad taking the picture.

Sigh. He's so handsome.

Cute Jay on the way back home - glad to have survived the nite. :)

Their morning chore: pack up their camp-chairs. Too cute.

They had a blast, really. They told me all about the pine-needles and how they saw the Big Dipper, etc., etc. And when I quizzed them about never going camping again, they were all "No! We want to go again!"

And I'm sure they will. . . but not until next summer (and this time I mean it :).


Last week we took advantage of the warm fall day and headed out to a bike path a little ways from here. It was a lovely ride. We saw a rabbit (or Jonas did), deer prancing along, and even a snake slithering right at our toes. So cool.
My friend let us borrow her bike trailer and so that was super fun. Emmy loved it. Lucy loved it and sometimes didn't love it.

Not bad for scenery, eh?

Boys lovin' it. Though there were some complaints when the hills got steep (well, only on the up-side, of course :).

Oh yeah, gotta love throwing some rocks.

Everybody getting in to it (yes, even Lucy enjoyed tossing the rocks behind her head). Ben showed off some mad skip-rock skills, too. Amazing.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Could this video be any more girlish?

We've got Pink. Giggles. Screams. And Squeals of Delight. Oh My.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Many Moods of Emmy

Emmy's moods can change fast. These pictures were all taken within a 20-second time-frame.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Our Fall Harvest

With cold weather approaching we decided to harvest all that's left in the garden. So we picked all our pumpkins (8), spaghetti squash (4), and butternut squash (2). And then we picked all the tomatoes. Hardly any (maybe a dozen???) of ours ripened!? Anybody that knows why, please tell. It was just a weird season, I think. But we have over 5 dozen green tomatoes.
Fried green tomatoes anyone??

Emmy picked a pumpkin! Nice swimsuit she's in, eh (at least she doesn't have it on backwards as it frequently and inappropriately happens. . . :)? And check out Miles' face. Awesome.

And how great is this? Jonas picking his pumpkin with his St. Patrick's hat on. My kids rock.

Our lovely harvest. Cool gourd, huh? I think I'll go weigh that big pumpkin right now. . . just about 30 pounds. Suh-weet! I just adore this picture of the kids, too. So much personality there!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Quote of the Week

From Jonas. At Target. When he was about to get his flu-shot. He had successfully been caught and Ben had a nice, firm hold on him. When told, amid his screams and tears, to be tough - by both Ben and the pharmacist - this was his reply (loudly declared/whined):


How can you not love a boy like that?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Our Friday and Saturday Fun. . .

While life is very busy for us, I don't feel there is much to photo or report on lately. Ben's been sick. I'm running around trying to simply maintain. Miles continues to adore school. Jonas proclaims his love for Bella on a daily basis. Emmy is a beautiful ballerina. And Lucy is getting more and more confident at walking. Here are some silly pictures (and a couple videos) taken in the past couple of days.
The boys made a fire pit this afternoon and tried to build a fire. Ben and I were pretty confident that a fire would not happen, so we readily encouraged them on.

Emmy's octopus. Miles got a magazine to take home (borrow) from his teacher's stash the other day. I think it was an all-crafts edition from Family Fun. He fell in love with the yarn octopus and practically died from joy when, on Friday evening, I told him we could make his then. I have since made (or helped make) 2 more. Emmy's is the smallest - Miles got it all started, but I finished up with the braiding (tho' Miles is quite an adept braider. . .).

Cutie babe. She loves playing with helmets and strollers because she likes to put the clasps together on the straps (does that make sense?). Some {lucky} days she can stand and play with her stroller straps for like 20 minutes.

Here's how she looks a walkin'. So darn cute. She has taken, at most, 10-15 steps at one time. She's getting better each day, though. (Now it's the next day. She's at least doubled or tripled her steps-at-a-time. Whoa girl.)

The boys were making an airplane this afternoon. And, really, I think they thought it would fly. Jonas told me to pack him some bread and jelly so when he landed he could eat. It was really fun to see their creativity.