Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Boys Camp-Out

So Jonas kept asking me and Ben when he could go camping again. I told him, "Oh probably when summer comes again." However, since it has been so warm (low 70s), Ben thought why not now? So he took the 2 very-thrilled boys camping on Friday nite. Here are the pics (sort of out of order):
Some much-needed comic relief. By the time it got dark, these boys were scared. Scared might be an understatement. Freaked, perhaps? Per Ben's report they were just worried about every little noise, convinced a bear was going to eat them up, exclaimed "We're never going camping again!" and "We're only camping in the backyard!". When they went to the car to get their PJs on, they started being silly - it probably felt so good to them to laugh.

How cool are these fire-sticks?! The boys love playing with fire. And since there were no little girls around, they got free-reign to play and be fire-lovin' boys!

Eating some tasty bread at camp.

Such a cute picture, albeit a little fuzzy. They slept in our little tent and really enjoyed that! It's been years since we've used that one.

Ohhhh. Ahhhh.

Haha, here is Jonas doing the "booty-dance." Suh-weet.

Oh I love this picture! So Miles figured out that when you place brown pine-needles on the fire - KABOOM it explodes the flames a couple feet higher! So cool. We're guessing it's b/c the pine-needles are super dry or something. Oh he loved that activity!

Two cool campin' boys. And one cool campin' dad taking the picture.

Sigh. He's so handsome.

Cute Jay on the way back home - glad to have survived the nite. :)

Their morning chore: pack up their camp-chairs. Too cute.

They had a blast, really. They told me all about the pine-needles and how they saw the Big Dipper, etc., etc. And when I quizzed them about never going camping again, they were all "No! We want to go again!"

And I'm sure they will. . . but not until next summer (and this time I mean it :).


erinmalia said...

haha. that miles is handsome! he looks so old in that picture. rhett loves all the pictures and is mad i'm typing.

courtney said...

looks like so much fun! it is funny how there is always a lot more fire-related things going on at all-boy camp outs. :)