Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bragging Rights

If you don't like posts where it's all about how good and wonderful their children are, then you should read elsewhere today. Because it's my blog and I'll brag if I want to (sing to the tune of "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. . .").

Truthfully, I'm just so proud of my boys. They make parent-teacher conferences delightful. I met with Jonas' teacher yesterday and Miles' teacher this evening. And I came out of both meetings with a happy heart. :)

So Miles. Ben and I have always known he's smart. His critical and deep thinking skills are extremely impressive. Really. He's also excelling in the more formal academic areas - like math and reading, and creative writing. His teacher said he's doing excellent in math and is in the top group. He is above grade-level in his reading. His reading has taken off leaps and bounds in just this past year alone. He amazes me with his knowledge of words. As he has become more adept at reading, his mumbling has greatly diminished. In fact he talked to Jonas' teacher about having him come in and read to Jonas' class. The 2 teachers (his and Jonas') coordinated with each other and Miles went in last week and read Jonas' class a story. How great is that? His creativity has surpassed mine. And his actual penmanship has improved greatly as well. Still has plenty of room for improvement, though. . . Spelling. Well that's an area that needs more work on as well. He follows instructions, does what he's asked - now why can't he do that at home!?

Now Jonas. Sweet Jonas. So Jonas' smarts were often overshadowed by Miles. Miles was just easy for us to see how smart he was - via his questions. Jonas isn't quite the critical thinker that Miles is. But Jonas reads far better than Miles did at his age. Jonas is a good little reader. He has been for a while - and now he is picking up a lot of the sight words and so reading is becoming more and more fluid for him. I think he'll be a great reader, too. He's an excellent writer - for a kindergartner. He writes sentences - as opposed to a word here or there as is more expected at this time in his schooling. In fact his teacher said she had to turn in a "best" written exercise and she chose Jonas'. :) And I really should give credit where credit is due. So credit goes to Miles. They write notes, stories, etc. during the day and at bedtime and Miles even told me he showed Jonas how to space his words, make sentences, etc. Gotta love it! Jonas is such a sweet, good boy. He told me today how Victoria asked him if he had a crush on anyone. He told her no. Then he asked his best buddy Jake what a "crush" was. He was informed it was when you love someone else. So I asked him if he had a crush on anyone - yep, Bella and Victoria. :)

I love my smarty boys! And if I were a 2nd grader or a Kindergartner, I'd definitely have crushes on Miles and Jonas.


erinmalia said...

of course you an brag! parent-teacher conferences...wow. congrats on having two great boys! now let's hope the same for the girls. heehee.

Niederfam said...

totally allowed to BRAG hello?

i bet their teachers brag about them too

cute cute boys.

Emily said...

You brag away!! If you can't do that on your blog, where can you?! I'm glad you did, it's fun to hear about your kids!