Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday Nite, Foiled

Friday night's plan:
Get Lucy down early
Babysitter come at 7pm
Ben and I got out on our semi-annual date - which included playing tennis, getting a small bite to eat, and star-gazing

What happened instead:
4:00 - Called the babysitter and rescheduled to next Friday, since Emmy had been sick all day and was then running a temp of 102.7
5ish hour - started getting dinner ready, home picked up, etc.
6:06 - Emmy barfs all over herself. . . and me.
6:08 - Clothes stripped off. Emmy in the tub. Then Emmy to bed.
6:25 - Eat dinner with the rest of the family.
6:40 - Get Lucy down to bed.
7 - Help Miles make this craft (I had already worked on one with Jonas earlier in the day.)
Get boys to bed.
Plan 2-weeks of dinner with Ben.
Watch 2 episodes of Dick Van Dyke with Ben.
Read a tiny bit.
Go to bed.

Life happens.


Emily said...

Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about that. Hopefully life will pay you back with an even better semi-annual date in a few weeks! Fingers crossed!

erinmalia said...

well except for the puke part of it, you got an at-home date with ben, right? and help meal planning. that's always much appreciated for me.

i {heart} hawkes said...

i can totally relate. it is nice to read that others have days like this too. hopefully not too often though :)

courtney said...

ha ha! sounds very familiar. i hope you get your date night do-over soon! your date sounded pretty perfect so i hope you can do it next time...