Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Our Fall Harvest

With cold weather approaching we decided to harvest all that's left in the garden. So we picked all our pumpkins (8), spaghetti squash (4), and butternut squash (2). And then we picked all the tomatoes. Hardly any (maybe a dozen???) of ours ripened!? Anybody that knows why, please tell. It was just a weird season, I think. But we have over 5 dozen green tomatoes.
Fried green tomatoes anyone??

Emmy picked a pumpkin! Nice swimsuit she's in, eh (at least she doesn't have it on backwards as it frequently and inappropriately happens. . . :)? And check out Miles' face. Awesome.

And how great is this? Jonas picking his pumpkin with his St. Patrick's hat on. My kids rock.

Our lovely harvest. Cool gourd, huh? I think I'll go weigh that big pumpkin right now. . . just about 30 pounds. Suh-weet! I just adore this picture of the kids, too. So much personality there!


erinmalia said...

that IS a great shot of all four kids. i bet that pumpkin weighs more than emmy, yes?

emily said...

pretty much they weight the same!

Niederfam said...

sweet haul. and for what it's worth....I HEARD that if you pick the green tomatoes and let them sit out inside they will still eventually turn red......I dunno, but that is what I have been told. My neighbor who is an avid gardener told me so. ;) don't know specifics on like how long, type of tomato, etc. but who knows might be worth a try.

LOVE the final picture, it's a CLASSIC.

rebecca said...

How did you grow such a huge pumpkin?! I love Lucy's hair!!! And I love the "frequently and inappropriately" line. Hilarious.

courtney said...

i love that last photo too - it is great! if i had any garden advice i'd give it - but we had the same problems. (except i did not get a 30 lb pumpkin!)