Saturday, October 01, 2011

Our Friday and Saturday Fun. . .

While life is very busy for us, I don't feel there is much to photo or report on lately. Ben's been sick. I'm running around trying to simply maintain. Miles continues to adore school. Jonas proclaims his love for Bella on a daily basis. Emmy is a beautiful ballerina. And Lucy is getting more and more confident at walking. Here are some silly pictures (and a couple videos) taken in the past couple of days.
The boys made a fire pit this afternoon and tried to build a fire. Ben and I were pretty confident that a fire would not happen, so we readily encouraged them on.

Emmy's octopus. Miles got a magazine to take home (borrow) from his teacher's stash the other day. I think it was an all-crafts edition from Family Fun. He fell in love with the yarn octopus and practically died from joy when, on Friday evening, I told him we could make his then. I have since made (or helped make) 2 more. Emmy's is the smallest - Miles got it all started, but I finished up with the braiding (tho' Miles is quite an adept braider. . .).

Cutie babe. She loves playing with helmets and strollers because she likes to put the clasps together on the straps (does that make sense?). Some {lucky} days she can stand and play with her stroller straps for like 20 minutes.

Here's how she looks a walkin'. So darn cute. She has taken, at most, 10-15 steps at one time. She's getting better each day, though. (Now it's the next day. She's at least doubled or tripled her steps-at-a-time. Whoa girl.)

The boys were making an airplane this afternoon. And, really, I think they thought it would fly. Jonas told me to pack him some bread and jelly so when he landed he could eat. It was really fun to see their creativity.


erinmalia said...

totally awesome. that is one long slide!

Emily said...

So happy you encouraged the fire building :) I love it. The picture of Lucy in the helmet is so cute.

Nicole said...

They are always doing creative fun things!! Sorry you are running the whole show. That's hard! Natalie's Emery LOVES to buckle too! Ali's not into it. Don't know why. I wish she could be distracted for 20 mins!!

courtney said...

your kids are so creative! must be their mother's influence. :)