Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Break

Since my parents head out for Tokyo in just a few weeks, we thought we should squeeze in one last visit with them (sniff, sniff). We arrived at my folks' home late Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed the evening playing, eating, and what not (frankly, I can't really remember. . . )

Thursday = Thanksgiving! I hardly did anything - my mom pretty much did everything. Except make pie crust (Ben and I). My mom is pretty darn efficient and had a lot stuff done or prepped the day/night before.

Miles was very excited about the turkey - at least holding it! :) He couldn't wait. . . it was pretty cute.

Here is some of the gang watching the Macey's Parade. It's a pretty fun parade to watch with the balloon-thingys and fun dancing - but man, who cares about the celebrities?

Emmy was sooooo eager to go bike-riding. She had just tried it sans training-wheels a couple weeks earlier and was anxious to do it some more. She did great! We rode on the street for a while. Then later that afternoon, while Lucy was asleep, Ben and I and the 3 older kids went on a fun bike ride on the trail around the wetlands area in my parents' neighborhood. We stopped to play at the park some, too. It was a really nice day weather-wise and so we tried to take advantage of that.

Ahhhh, the big feast. Yum, yum. Everything was tasty and delicious. However, I will blame the Worst. Cold. Ever for the lack of robust appetites in my children.

Lucy loved feeding herself and her face. Too cute.

Sitting on chairs was fun for my kids. :)

The post-dinner turkey-dancing was wild and romping.

Bawk, bawk!

And Lucy with her famous head-tilt. :) (And dirty clothes from her scooting/dance moves on the floor!) Side-note: Lucy's eardrum ruptured sometime Thursday. We noticed a whole bunch of goop oozing out. Yuck and poor girl. But she did feel better, that 's for sure.)

Friday was a really fun day, too. But no pictures. Ben and I went to the toy store Blickenstaff's in Provo - we took Lucy with us, too. We found some great things there and so that was delightful. (I found out about this store thru nie-nie's blog. . .) While we were there my parents and Miles, Jonas, and Emmy were at the BYU's Bean Museum. They loved it and even talked my dad into buying them a little something at the store. :) Of course. We met them for lunch (Emmy was in tears with an earache. . .) and then headed to the BYU Creamery for ice cream (and a do-nut for our non-ice-cream lover Jonas). Of course we had to make a stop at the pharmacy for Lucy's called-in antibiotic drops and some ibuprofen for Emmy. Oh geez.

We got home that afternoon and there was probably some more bike-riding or something. Then dinner, then Ben and I headed out to the Provo Temple to do a session. The kids (minus Lucy, who I had already put to bed) got to stay up and watch "Toy Story 3" with my parents and then they put them to bed. Ben and I had quite the memorable experience at the temple - as hackers. Coughing-hackers, that is. Oh geez it was bad. The first part of it I had 2 really bad spells. I couldn't stop coughing. The man officiating gave me a mint life-saver. Then the 2nd time I had to leave and get a drink. A kindly lady in the hallway gave me a disgusting piece of peppermint gum and that seemed to abate the coughing. No more fits, but an occasional cough here or there. Ben's coughing, on the other hand, picked up during the second 1/2. :) Luckily he had no major fits. But man it was rough. I felt so bad and embarrassed! Ben and I both said that for every cough we let out, there was about 5-10 that we somehow muffled or choked on. But it was still nice to be there. :)

Saturday morning we took the 3 older kids swimming, while Lucy napped. The kids adored it. I tolerated it - being around 3 kids that really don't know how to swim is somewhat stressful to me. But the water was warm and it was truly fun.

Later on my mom and I did some shopping. I bought some cute fabric (okay, my mom did) to make Christmas Eve PJs for the kids. Then we went to the thrift store and I scored 3 "new" pants - just what I needed! Each for like $3 or something. :) Ben took the older kids out on another bike ride while Lucy napped again and my Dad "babysat." :)

Then we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to the "Ancient Life Museum." It was really great. Such a huge and fantastic exhibit.

Digging for fossils is always a hit.

Miles was excited about what he had "found."


We then ate at the little cafe there and then drove around the Christmas-light display. Another great day. Especially just being together as family. My parents included - lucky for us!

Our kids sure got wiped out! The hardly ever fall asleep in the car - let alone at the same time! But this was soooo nice for us - we got home about 7:30 and Ben just walked each kid down, one by one, and put them to bed in their clothes. The easiest bedtime we've had in ages. :) Miles even took a nap or 2 - something he hasn't done in years! Good fun = good 'n tired.

I just had to throw in this last picture. Lucy loved doing this. She did it on other things - like a toy scooter, a box, etc. - but the chairs were her favorite. We ended up having to put the chairs all lined up against the back of the couch for her safety's sake. Silly girl.

Oh we had a dandy time. We even got to hear my parents both speak on Sunday. They truly did fantastic. I'm so excited for them and their mission. I will miss seeing them, though! But I'm grateful for their good examples to me and my kids. We all love them and are glad we could spend some great times with them before they leave.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brown Sugar

So the past few weeks have been so not fun. First Emmy had the flu, I guess, for about 4 days. Then Lucy came down with a nasty cough. Then Miles had a nasty cough. Then the rest of the kids (Lucy had recovered from her original cough) and myself came down with head colds. Not too bad, but definitely an annoyance. And while the boys seem to have pretty much made a recovery, the little girls are getting there a little more slowly. But they are getting there. Ben finally succumbed to the cold last Friday. And we (Ben and myself) are doing horrible. It (the big, bad, nasty beast of a cold) seems to get worse each day (and especially each night. ohhhhh the nights. . . ) for us. Sore throats, ear aches, inability to sleep for a few-hour stretch at night, blah, blah, blah. I keep thinking that it's gotta get better. It just hasn't. I just hope and pray my eardrums don't rupture as they have before. Ouch.

But it's been rather exhausting for me. Not only am I surrounded by sick kids, I don't feel particularly grand myself. And the girls have just been so needy. Especially Lucy. Oh especially Lucy. She's fine if she's being held, and on a few other rare occasions, but man she just wants to be held. Which would truly be delightful. . . if she were an only child, dishes weren't stacking up on the counters, and dinner didn't have to be made.

Which leads me to my picture:
I had done as much dinner-prep as I could while holding her. (And, yes, there are plenty of times that I don't hold her and she just has to cry it out. . .) But now it was time to roll-out the pizza dough and that was just too much with her in my hands. So I sort-of safely and perhaps sort-of unsafely, put her up on the counter next to me. Scooted her way back. While I was rolling, she found the brown sugar spoon (that had crusted brown sugar on it) and went to town. In fact, she was so content that, when I was done rolling, I lifted her off the counter and plopped her down on the stool - spoon included, of course. And finished up with making the pizza and even with setting the table. Awesome.

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Captain Underpants

lives at our house. . .

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011-12 School Year Pictures

Miles, 2nd grade.
Jonas, Kindergarten.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Batter Up

Last weekend we were lucky to have Jim and Diana come and visit. As always, I'm pathetic with taking pictures of my kids just being with their grandparents. The kids adore their grandparents and just love having them here or going to their homes.

Ben's folks came Friday evening and headed out Monday morning. Ben and I got to go out 3 times without children: Friday nite (to Walmart; blech - but at least it was better since Ben joined me. . .), Saturday afternoon (to the 2nd-hand store - scored some good stuff), and Saturday nite (Adult Stake Conference Session; totally awesome. Seriously it was great.) So the kids got to enjoy lots of book-reading by their grandparents - among other things.

Jonas suddenly got an itch to hit a baseball. So he spent a few hours that weekend out in the backyard hitting it up. Miles joined him for some as well. And luckily Grandpa Max was here to throw many a pitches:

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Photo Op

Ben's parents came last weekend and so not only did we get some great family photos taken by Jim, we also got a cleaned microwave. Double bonus for us. I'll skip on show-casing the microwave, though, and instead just show-case our beautiful children. . . :)


Awww, brothers.

So beautiful.

Miles just loved getting his pictures taken and, of course, wanted to "hide" among nature.

So handsome and mature-looking (looking being the key-word here. haha. 1/2 kidding.)

100% cute.

Oh boy do I love him.


Li'l sillies.

Haha, love this one! Makes me smile.

Too sweet.


My li'l gal. . . growing up.

My babe. Only one, yet already up against a wall.

Total cutie.


Friday, November 04, 2011


Well I am very exited for my parents. The just received their mission call to Tokyo, Japan! So neat. When I told my kids, Miles was super excited because he had just been reading a book based in Tokyo. He asked, "I wonder if Grandma and Grandpa know what konichiwa means?" They do. And he does. He then asked about another word, one I didn't know, and I told him he can talk to Grandma and Grandpa later. :)

But how neat for my folks. They will most likely be serving in the mission office. My parents lived in Iwakuni, Japan many moons ago; so they are a little familiar with Japan. While the thought of them being away from us for 18 months does totally make me sad, I'm so glad they are doing this.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloweeeeeeeen (the extra e's are for saying it in a spooky way)

Oh my pictures. Big breath. Here we go:

We did our prep-work in the daisy room. Here is Emmy, just about done. . .

Here I am putting the final touches (i.e., bugs) on Jonas!

And here is our cute Halloween crew. Love them and their costumes!

Not everyone loved Jonas' costume. Lucy was so scared of his green hair and face. It was kind of funny and cute.

The 2 girls.

And the 2 brothers.

Miles, aka "Despereaux."

Jonas, aka "earth."

Emmy, aka Pippi Longstocking.

Lucy, aka "ghost." Or "gho" as Lucy says it.

Here the bunch is cruising around the neighborhood.

And here is Lucy enjoying the spoils. . . lucky girl.

Would you believe she'd been sick for 4 days - up until literally hours before the trick-or-treating began? Candy. . . makes the girl happy. But she did only eat 1/2 of this - and the kids were all able to choose 5 pieces to eat. So she wasn't totally better. But close.

Wahhoooo! "I love candy!"

What a look of pure joy and contentment. :)