Sunday, November 13, 2011

Batter Up

Last weekend we were lucky to have Jim and Diana come and visit. As always, I'm pathetic with taking pictures of my kids just being with their grandparents. The kids adore their grandparents and just love having them here or going to their homes.

Ben's folks came Friday evening and headed out Monday morning. Ben and I got to go out 3 times without children: Friday nite (to Walmart; blech - but at least it was better since Ben joined me. . .), Saturday afternoon (to the 2nd-hand store - scored some good stuff), and Saturday nite (Adult Stake Conference Session; totally awesome. Seriously it was great.) So the kids got to enjoy lots of book-reading by their grandparents - among other things.

Jonas suddenly got an itch to hit a baseball. So he spent a few hours that weekend out in the backyard hitting it up. Miles joined him for some as well. And luckily Grandpa Max was here to throw many a pitches:


erinmalia said...

so did he hit one?

emily said...

oh he hit many. :)