Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloweeeeeeeen (the extra e's are for saying it in a spooky way)

Oh my pictures. Big breath. Here we go:

We did our prep-work in the daisy room. Here is Emmy, just about done. . .

Here I am putting the final touches (i.e., bugs) on Jonas!

And here is our cute Halloween crew. Love them and their costumes!

Not everyone loved Jonas' costume. Lucy was so scared of his green hair and face. It was kind of funny and cute.

The 2 girls.

And the 2 brothers.

Miles, aka "Despereaux."

Jonas, aka "earth."

Emmy, aka Pippi Longstocking.

Lucy, aka "ghost." Or "gho" as Lucy says it.

Here the bunch is cruising around the neighborhood.

And here is Lucy enjoying the spoils. . . lucky girl.

Would you believe she'd been sick for 4 days - up until literally hours before the trick-or-treating began? Candy. . . makes the girl happy. But she did only eat 1/2 of this - and the kids were all able to choose 5 pieces to eat. So she wasn't totally better. But close.

Wahhoooo! "I love candy!"

What a look of pure joy and contentment. :)


erinmalia said...

of course i love it all. do you think lucy would have been scared of herself?!

coolest word verification: unless. spooky like the lorax!

i {heart} hawkes said...

stinkin adorable! i hear you on the picture amount, you just can't help it. at least i can't anyway. very fun, glad you all survived (mom and dad that is!)

Nicole said...

The kids all look so good!! What a fun day. Glad EMmy was feeling better finally! 4 days is a long time to be sick for a 4 yr old!!

Niederfam said...

Glad Emmy pulled through right in time!!! Darling costumes and kiddos, naturally. ;)

courtney said...

hooray for creative costumes! those are great. i always have creative ideas but rarely follow through. :)

megan said...

Your costumes are the best.