Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Photo Op

Ben's parents came last weekend and so not only did we get some great family photos taken by Jim, we also got a cleaned microwave. Double bonus for us. I'll skip on show-casing the microwave, though, and instead just show-case our beautiful children. . . :)


Awww, brothers.

So beautiful.

Miles just loved getting his pictures taken and, of course, wanted to "hide" among nature.

So handsome and mature-looking (looking being the key-word here. haha. 1/2 kidding.)

100% cute.

Oh boy do I love him.


Li'l sillies.

Haha, love this one! Makes me smile.

Too sweet.


My li'l gal. . . growing up.

My babe. Only one, yet already up against a wall.

Total cutie.



Emily said...

Absolutely daring pictures of all your kids! He got several great ones of each of them! Too cute!

erinmalia said...

as always, so jealous of you and your FIL!!! the kids are adorable. how did miles get to be so old?!

Nicole said...

So so darling!! What great pics! You can see their personalities so well!

Stacey said...

i love the microwave comment - and of course, your kiddos are darling. can't believe you have four.....i need to catch up!

Niederfam said...

they turned out absolutely adorable, every stinking one of them. YAY for cute kids.