Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas break

Some fun things have been happening here during our Christmas break.  Mainly playing with new toys.  It's perfect.  Tonite the boys finally got batteries in the headlamps (from Santa) and ran all around the backyard having such a blast.  It was pretty awesome watching them - from the inside.  :)

Here they are checking out what Ben has growing in our yard - yep, that's right, an ice rink.  Of course.


 Man I love this picture.  Emmy came running in at least 1/2 a dozen times crying, "They are scaring me and yelling about the one-eyed monster!"  Ha.

Super cool cuties.

There has also been a lot of rubber-band shooting:


erinmalia said...

i still can't believe ben's building an ice rink. you guys are awesome.

courtney said...

an ice rink? that is fabulous!

rebecca said...

That is so great! Seriously, that is the coolest thing ever.

Emily, you are so good at blogging every little event and your feelings. I envy how you stay consistent and blog so often. What a treasure for your family and yourself.