Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

A Merry Christmas morning!  The boys were awake at 5:30 (just as expected), but Ben went and shut their door and they stayed there, as told, until 6:30 (okay, maybe they came in at 6:25, but close).

 Lucy loves her doll that Santa brought.

 Here are the happy kiddos on Christmas morning.

 Needless to say, Lucy didn't eat much of her oatmeal after this. . .

 Miles and his goodies from Santa.

 Jonas loves this plane from Santa.  You can hardly see it since it blends in to the tree, but oh well.

 Emmy in her castle from Santa.

 This was one of the first "contraptions" Miles set up.  I love this set and so does Miles.  It's perfect for him.

I had told the kids the night before that when we got up we were just going to check out what Santa brought.  Santa leaves each kid one "big" gift and then fills the stockings.  There was plenty of entertainment from Santa to keep us busy for the next couple of hours that morning.  A little before 8:30 Ben headed out to church early to practice with the choir.  I got everyone ready and then had to take pictures.  And you get to see all 3 of them b/c they all make me laugh:
 Yep, the sun was a little bright and glaring.

 Yep, sun still there.  Glaring.  It was also so cold!

 Kind of better.  Totally cute, in my not-humble opinion.

After church we came home and I got some things ready for dinner while Ben picked up a little bit.  Then we got to unwrap the presents:
 I love this picture of cute Lucy playing with her new toy from Grandma.

 Jonas was So Excited! when he opened this gift.  So Excited!  He then spent the greater part of the afternoon assembling it together, on his own.

TaDa!  Awesome.  

The batteries in our camera were dead by now (in fact, to get this picture, we had to scrounge around for a lot of random batteries.  I think some of the batteries were from the TV remote. . . I tried to get one more shot, but all batteries were completely exhausted at that point.)

So lucky for you I don't have more pictures.  Because I could have.  I tried to get Ben to go to our neighbors and "borrow" some, but he wouldn't.  Sigh.

Our dinner consisted of everyone having their very own cornish hen (Lucy and I shared).  Nobody but Ben really eats most of the chicken (though he doesn't eat much of the white meat. . .), but it's still fun to do.  And I picked off the uneaten meat and we'll be using it in dinners this week.  We also had yummy cooked carrots and potatoes.  And rolls.  And red,white, and green layered jello.  Definitely tastier than Christmas Eve!

It was really just a great, great day.  The kids loved it and loved everything they got.  We're all sad it's over and gone.  Now on to 2012 I guess!


erinmalia said...

5:30?! ugh. but it looked like it turned out to be a great day.

courtney said...

so fun! and the contraptions thing looks cool. we got a "blocks and marbles" thing that i was hoping would get more action. maybe in a few years... :)

Nicole said...

Looks like everyone was happy! What more can you ask? Ok, maybe they could have slept in a bit longer ;) So fun!