Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

I started out Christmas Eve with an incredibly chilly run - a good run, though.  I did about 7ish miles and it was 2 degrees out with a "real feel" of -11.  I think that's ridiculous; it didn't really feel like that.  But, for sure, it was cold.  When I came home I found the boys out in the back playing:
 Cute, but brrrr.  Miles had on some pathetic PJ pants but told me, "I like being cold!"  He's like his Grandpa G.

The rest of the day was just spent around the house getting things done and ready for the evening and next day.  For dinner we had decided on a "Little House on the Prairie" theme.  Ben actually bought a cookbook a year ago based on foods from the series. Here was a quaint dinner set-up:
 Isn't it lovely?  Sadly, though, the ambiance was much more delightful than was the meal.  I know we won't be doing oxtails again (not totally yucky, really, but you couldn't get any meat off the bone.  I got one piece from my chunk.  Which, I guess, was perfect for me.  Ha.)  Creamed carrots - score!  So good.  Corn dodgers - okay.  Baked bean - alright (though Ben loved them).  We ate on our camping plates.  It was fun, just not tasty.  :)

 The kids in their Christmas PJs.  Cute.

Then we went to open up the sibling gifts.  We had drawn names earlier this month and whose name you got you had to make them something.  It's a tradition I know we'll continue.  It was a lot of fun.

 Jonas made Lucy some empty water bottles filled with glitter and oil.  Cool!

 Emmy made Jonas a wood sword.  Ben cut it.  Emmy painted it.  Jonas loves it.

 Lucy "made" Miles a book enitled "I love Miles."  It's full of pictures of them and some wording as well.  I had planned to make that for Miles and then I got an email for up to $30 of free products from this store.  Score!  I created it and only had to pay for shipping.  So it's kind-of homemade, right?  :)

And Miles made some wooden clothespin mermaid doll that he found online.  Emmy was definitely sweet on it.

The kids were in bed and asleep before 8pm.  It was truly a Christmas Eve miracle.


erinmalia said...

the pajamas turned out awesome. so great. i love the sibling gifts!

courtney said...

ox tails? i love little house on the prairie (i've checked that same cookbook out from our library several times!) but i don't know if i'd do ox tail! the ambiance does sound pretty wonderful. and also, i LOVE the couch sitting behind your table in the dinner picture. :)