Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dear Santa. . .

Now I'm not really sure why I do this. I mean, I like to have the kids write letters to Santa (and they do, too). But, really, the kids are most likely not going to end up with the stuff they asked for. Sigh.

It took them forever to get started on their letters (they have no clue what they want!!!) and then they (well, the boys) could hardly stop writing. Here they are:

"I want Weird Wacky
& Wild Stuff with Bouncy Ball Blast
I also want magic tree
house books numbered up
to 20 and a stuffed
parakeet barakeet three
feet tall."

"I want a toy
remote-control car
I want a toy airplane
I want a toy foam
log cabin fits Jonas
and Miles Emmy Lucy
I want a pet dragon
I want a plane I can
drive it
I want a bird"
Those are some tall orders for Santa. Hopefully whatever he comes up with will be just as fun and neat as. . . a pet dragon.

Good luck Santa.


erinmalia said...

so awesome. sorry i can't get jonas a plane he can drive.

courtney said...

that is good stuff. i remember being in the same boat as a kid. the start of the christmas list was always a bit slow - but once you grease the gears it is hard to stop. :) i like that they are asking for things like "pet dragons" and not things that most other kids their age would be asking for. they must have good parents!