Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dearest Jonas,

So Jonas it is this time of year again. December is such a crazy, crazy month and I think this year has proved our busiest so far. School programs, activities with friends, and so on. But, alas, I cannot stop time and so you have, yet again, another birthday. 6. 6. You, 6? Oh me oh my. You're such a wonderful boy and you'll make a wonderful 6 year-old. In some ways, you haven't changed much since last year. In some ways, you've changed a whole lot.

You still are sweet. And you still adore Lucy. I hope neither of those will ever change. You want to make us happy - usually when we ask you to do something (be it chores, getting PJs on. . .) you do it. The first time we ask. Usually without a murmur. It's pretty awesome (one of your favorite words). You're easy-going and fun to get along with.

Lucy-lover. That was how we described you last year on our Christmas letter. And it continues to be true to this day - maybe even more so. You always are telling her that she is the best baby, that she is so awesome, that she is the cutest, and on and on. Saying you love her is understatement really. You are in her face quite a bit - literally. She doesn't particularly like that. Your name was the first she learned to say of all her siblings (Joe-Joe). It's adorable to hear her say your name. If it melts my heart, I can only imagine what it does to yours. You want to please her, make her smile, and just make her happy. You, Miles, and Emmy all fight over who gets to sit by her at meal times. It sounds sweet. And it kind of is. But it's also really annoying when I'm trying to get 4 kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door for school - and you boys are crying about who gets to sit by Lucy at breakfast this week. Ugh.

You are a game-player. You got Minotaurs last year and just love, love, love playing it. Just ask Grandma Diana (who babysat you for a few days while I was in Utah. . . and played that game with you, oh I don't know, maybe a hundred times?) It's kind of a cool game. You love memory games, too. And you are good. Sometimes you'll even beat me. Once, though, when I was way ahead I said, "Jonas, I'm gonna cream you. . . in to pudding." To which you responded: "If I was Amelia Bedelia I would go and get a bowl and spoon right now." Nice.

Which leads me to another thing about ya: you are dang funny. You say the funniest things. Sometimes trying to be funny, and other times not. You're a silly goof and very fun and entertaining to watch, listen to, and just be around. You liven up our home in a very, very, very good way. Oh I love you.

You continue to be our little trickster, too. Always doing "tricky" things. You skateboard a teeny-tiny bit. You like to ride your scooter in all sorts of funky ways. You also love to jump and catch air with your scooter. You're pretty neat.

The biggest change this past year has been school. You are now a school-goer. And, like your big brother, you adore it. You have a great teacher and some great classmates. You have a best buddy, Jake, that you talk about all the time. We like Jake, too. You think a lot of the girls in your class are beautiful and you like them- especially Bella. You are smart. Smart, smart. You read well and write so well. You have great penmanship and spelling for a kindergartner. Here's one of my favorite writings you've brought home:
How perfect is that - it shows your love of Lucy and you're great writing. :) I especially like how you play "ga-ga goo-goo" with her. You're so cute.

You are just a delight to have around. You add great balance to our family. You are an amazing brother and son. You are treasured. You are loved. A whole lot.

Happy 6th birthday my little man,