Monday, December 12, 2011

Holy Moly Hodgepodge

So I just haven't had tons of time to post lately and now I have a bunch of completely random things I wanted to post before Jonas' birthday (the 14th), Ben's birthday (the 20th) and, ya know, Christmas come along. So here is a big mess of "stuff":

When we went to my parents' home for Thanksgiving my boys brought along these "vintage" coloring books I had snagged off the "free" table at their school. Miles colored all 15 pictures while driving to Utah. He probably spent 5 hours on it. The kid is impressive. He read an entire chapter book before we headed out on our drive - sitting in the car waiting for me to get my antibiotic prescription filled. Tho he drives me crazy daily and hourly, I'm also crazy about him. He's amazing in many, many way. Here are my 2 favorite colorings he did:

Eljin is back. Oh he is so loved. He's mentioned in our kids' prayers almost daily. He's a hoot this year - hanging upside-down one morning, doing a "dance pose" another, etc. Cute.

On our advent for today: "Garden fire with hot chocolate." It sounds really magical and nostalgic, right? And it kind of was. But there were 3 kids - ages 4, 5 363/365, and 7 (Lucy was in bed). So it was what it was. Which was still pretty cool. I'm there reading some christmas stories. Nobody was listening.

We all sang some carols. Then Ben sang his favorite, "I heard the bells on Christmas day. . ." and Jonas started talking in the middle of it. Miles got up and left. As I said, it was what it was.

Ben taught the boys (since I have refused. . .) chess. They all love it! The boys are always asking to play with Ben - and then fighting about who gets to go first. Finally the other night, when Ben was occupied, the boys consented to playing each other. Fun times. I think Jonas won?

Jonas had his kindergarten Christmas program last week. He had refused all week to participate. But then when he told me they line-up according to height, I said, "Oh, well then you'll probably be right by Bella." He never complained or refused after that. . . (and can you blame him?) It was, of course, adorable. But my favorite part was when they were singing "Jingle Bells." They were to sing 3 rounds of the chorus at the end, but they didn't follow their music teacher's leads and just kept going and going. I think they ended up doing 5 or 6 rounds. It was hilarious - though not everyone knew.

This is what happens when 1. you don't get a hair cut and 2. you take off your winter hat.

I had just caught her eating some of that delicious 8-year old popcorn on our tree.

Cute Lucy wearing a sweet little outfit that Grandma Diana had made for Emmy. Sweet.


erinmalia said...

i wish i could see your kids' school programs! what fun times. lucy's dress is so cute.

courtney said...

i love it! the garden bonfire does look great. we tried advent this year too - with pretty much the same results. :)