Tuesday, December 06, 2011

It's beginning to feel like Christmas. . . or at least December

December started off pretty fun for our family. We got some snow and did quite a few special activities to get us in a December-y mood:

Ben got to take the 3 oldest kids to a local production of The Nutcracker. It turned out much better than Ben expected, so that was great. Per Ben, the kids loved it. Miles was glued to it all, watching it with his studying-eyes. Jonas enjoyed it but was definitely tired by the time they got home. Emmy loved the beautiful dancing as well. Tho she, too, was tired and about 20 minutes before it was over she was ready to go home. But they still all loved it - including Ben.

The next day we headed out to catch a Christmas tree. Our 8th year doing this.

Here I am getting Lucy all ready for the snowy cold. It wasn't too bad, really. But still cold.

Oh melt my heart. I so adore this picture of my oldest child and youngest. Just so cute.

There wasn't tons of snow, but enough for some fun.

So Lucy. So cute.

So Emmy. So girly adorable.

So Miles. So handsome.

So Jonas. So sweet.

There is this tiny hill where we get out and hike and so the kids had some fun sledding down it for a bit. I told Jonas he was now big enough to push up the sled himself. Tho I did help him out a time or two. . . (and please notice his tongue sticking out. he does that all the time!)

Here they are in front of our tree. Fun!

And the handsome husband/father - our very own lumberjack. We're so lucky.

This is how Lucy ended the last 1/2 of our adventure: unhappy. I think her fingers and toes were probably pretty cold. And she was just so puffed-up that she had a really hard time walking around. Oh well. Next year she'll hopefully enjoy it more. . .

And here is Jonas putting up the star - with some help from Ben.

I really like our tree. But I think I miss the scraggly ones we used to get. The pine trees where we now go are a different variety - more bushy. But I still love our "captured" Christmas tree.

P.S. I added a popcorn garland I made like 8 years ago to the tree. I love how it looks. Apparently Lucy loves how 8-year old popcorn tastes.


erinmalia said...

so why don't you get another scraggly one? do they not grow them that way in your parts?

i love your family! those kids. so cute.

i {heart} hawkes said...

where do you store popcorn garland for eight years? i figured one of your kids would try eating it. i remember making such a garland when erin and i roomed together. we also used dried fruit, like orange slices and others to add color. i'm inspired to try it again. great post.

emily said...

well, erin, the place we go now (which is like 20 minutes from our home) has more bushy-like trees. as opposed to the grand mesa which has more your typical christmas pine trees - but is over an hour away.

and angie - i have some cute christmas box. well i call it a box, but it is round. i can't believe it's kept that long! but i love it! dried fruit would be perfect on it, too. you should totally make one again. :)