Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jonas' birthday. . . could it have been better?

Well Jonas is a great boy to have a birthday celebration for.  He was perfectly delightful.  He just loved it all.  Thought it was the best day ever.  Adored his toys.  And so on.  A true delight - both him and his birthday.
 I asked him to show me how old he is and this is what he did.  Awesome.

Birthday breakfast = Sugar cereal.  Notice the cool chair just for him - kudos to Ben.

 Opening his 1st present in the morning - just one until Dad comes home. . . He was pretty pleased with his Mario car thingy.

I went to Jonas' classroom at 10 - with Lucy and Emmy, too.  We brought some snacks - white-chocolate dipped pretzels (Jonas helped make), Kettle corn pop-corn (the only kind Jonas likes) and Capri-Suns.  Super fun.  I love going to his classroom - and he was so happy to have us there (especially Lucy, I'm sure.  She was a big hit.  Especially her stylish boots.)  Everyone had snack and then we played "The Number Game."  Everyone gets in a circle.  Jonas got to pick a number - 6.  You go around the room with everyone saying a number, "1," "2," and then whoever says "6" has to sit down and it starts over.  The kids were roaring with laughter when Ms. Kristi got "6" and had to sit down.  It was hilarious and adorable.  But I forgot to take pictures in his classroom - so here he is by his school building.  He is wearing the birthday hat his teacher made for him, which he wouldn't wear in the classroom (I knew it).

Mother Nature also brought him a present - 5 inches and thick, wet snow.  Snow Fun!

We left school a half-hour early so we could go to Open-Gym at the local gymnastics place.  We haven't been all season and it's only on Wednesdays - so how perfect!  He told me before he went that he wanted to do "flip-overs."  And he did - in the foam pit.  He loved, loved, loved every minute of it.  It was the perfect place to go on his birthday.

The kids got to watch a movie that afternoon.  We had bought him a Scooby Doo one and they all seemed to love it.  

Then we finally opened presents. . .

He got some great things - but this was definitely The Hit.  Lego Dirt Bike Transporter.  Totally worth the expedited shipping (the toy wasn't even on the market until Saturday - and I just knew it would be perfect.  And it was).

Oh man was Jonas hilarious after opening his gifts.  He commented at least a dozen times, "I love you Mom!"  (Yes, I kept reminding him his Dad played a huge part in his birthday, too.)  And literally smothered me with kisses.  He was just so ecstatic!

His beloved toy.  I love it.  He LOVES it.

And he was so adorable when talking to his grandparents.  When my parents called (from the MTC!) he talked to them for a few minutes and answered their questions.  Then he whispered to me, completely on his own, "Mom, what did they give me?"  I told him and then he thanked them and told them he liked their gifts. Such a sweetie.  He pretty much did the same thing when talking to Ben's parents as well. It was amazing.  :)  He was amazing.

We had a school-program for Miles that evening and then we came back and ate cake.  No ice cream for this ice-cream non-lover.  So his cake was a "bike-jumps" cake and we even got a bike and stuck a picture of Jonas on it.  Suh-weet.  The "other stuff" on the cake was to look like pebbles, rocks, etc.

It was such a delightful day because Jonas was just a pure 6 year-old delight.


erinmalia said...

yea! happy birthday jonas!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jonas!! Sounds like a very fun day for everyone involved!

courtney said...

wohoo for december birthdays! we totally stole your streamer on the door idea. :)