Saturday, January 21, 2012

by Miles

Miles worked hard last week on a book entitled "Guppy and Loose Jaw."  (Thou he spelled it "Gupy and Loos Jaw").  The boys had gotten an ocean book for Christmas and Miles, of course, loves it.  He is particularly fond of the loosejaw at the current moment of time.  He wrote the book from what he had remembered reading.  It's non-fiction (or close to it!).  He thought it would be great for me to post it, so here it is:  (it's sort of long)

Last night he drew one of my favorite pictures he's every drawn.  I don't know why I love it so, I just do.  The colors are much more vivid than what the scanned copy shows.

And here is some more "creativity by Miles" that I came upon this evening:
 Here's Miles, staying up way past his bedtime.  I had no idea what that "mess" was in his closet, until I came closer and read this note:
 HA!  I guess they took it upon themselves to have Emmy sleepover. . . in their closet.  Hilarious.

Pretty cozy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Grandpa

 My Grandmother Ethel and Grandfather Marlin.

A picture of my young grandparents, plus their oldest child - my dad.

My grandfather passed away yesterday - quite unexpectedly and rather quickly.  Of course it is sad to lose a family member, but when that said family member was 96 years old it is really a bitter-sweet occasion.  When my mother's mom passed away last year we all were grateful that 1.  She was able to live on her own until her very end, and 2.  She went quickly.  Well those same blessing occurred with my father's father as well.  He was living on his own - in an assisted living center, but still pretty much on his own.  And he went quickly.  He had another blessing, tho, which my grandmother did not:  some of his children were with him at his time of passing.

I didn't have any recent pictures with my grandfather and so I went to a book he had made a while ago:  The Life and Times of Marlin C. Galbraith and Ethel Briggs Galbraith.  Looking at it a bit this morning created a desire in me to look at it more often - it is rather an extensive biography, filled with great detail (too much at times!?  like the details of every single car he owned. . . :) and wonderful pictures.  So I scanned in a couple of pictures from that booklet.  What was especially sweet was the letter he had written to me personally on the inside cover of the biography.  I'll share his last paragraph he wrote me:

"I love you, Emily, and am very proud of you.  You are doing very well in preparing yourself for a successful life with all its rewards, both spiritual and temporal.  Hold to the rod.  Have fun along the way.  Grandpa."

I especially liked his cute ending.  :)  He was an all-around good man  A hard worker.  He enjoyed the outdoors.  He and my grandmother lived in Island Park, Idaho for many years - year-round - where the snowfall would be so much as to cover up their windows.  They were tough!   He could be stern with us grandkids at times, yet he was always gentle and calm.  Although his old-look perhaps was always a little daunting to my kids (his great-grandkids) he never seemed to let that bother him and still enjoyed being around them - smiling at their little antics.

I'm sad to lose my grandfather - a man that came from a great and passing generation.  My generation, frankly, should learn more from them.  But I'm happy for him.  He wanted this - he had lived the good life and was ready to move on.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Big Rink

So we thought we should try out our kids' skating skills on a bigger rink.  The backyard rink has been perfect for teaching our kids to skate.  We've usually made it to a rink once or twice a year in the past couple of years - but our kids would really never skate since they had never had the practice.  But now they get out on our little backyard rink a few times a week and can skate - rather than just walk around on ice-skates.

Anyways, there is this great and awesome and free rink in Ouray - about 45 minutes south of us.  So since everyone had the day off today we went there and had a really great time.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A couple quotes

Miles:  "Almost everyone in Montrose was born in Mexico."

Jonas:  "When I grow up I want to go to the wind-up college class."  (As in learning how to make wind-up toys.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lucy Goo

Lucy has many nicknames:  Lucy Goo, Lucy-Goosey, Ucy (said by Emmy, who can't say her "l's") and so on.  She's almost 17 months old and is really just too cute.  Most of the time.  She did go to time-out for her first time to day.  I was kind of joking around when I told her I'd put her in time-out - she kept standing on the dishwasher as I was unloading the dishes.  She caused it to fall down even.  I told her no many times.  Then I told her she'd have to go to time-out if she did it again.  She did it again.  Poor baby - tho it was so cute and the whole family was just laughing.  It was kind of cruel:  Lucy sitting in the corning bawling, and us laughing/smiling.  But it was just cute.  But guess what was so sad!?  A while later, after her time-out was over, she just randomly went over to the corner, sat down, and bawled again.  Sweet little Lucy!

Here are a couple pictures of her on the ice rink with Ben:
 See, lovin' it!

Life is Good.

 And here is just a happy, smiling Lucy.  My favorite kind of Lucy.  :)

 Oh.  My.  Gosh.  She'll kill me one day for posting this picture as it is ummmmm a little (k, maybe a lot) unflattering.  (But Ben is making me post it - so Lucy can be mad at him. . . ha.)  But this is what Lucy does when she really wants something (like a treat, or for her dad to take her for a skate. . .):  she does the sign for "please" and then scrunches up her shoulders, squints her eyes, and grins.  Ta-da!  It cracks me up every time - and I've seen it a lot.

Proof that Lucy is really a beauty.  :)  We sure do love her around these parts!

Monday, January 09, 2012

So long Christmas Break. . .

Christmas break is now over - well, the boys start back in school tomorrow.  I think the break was a day or two too long for me!  While we had a fun time, I do like the structure and schedule that school provides.  But the kids really just had fun playing at home for the most part.  Playing with their new Christmas toys - which turned out to be the perfect toys for them, I think.

The ice rink is still up and running!  I'm pretty sure it's Ben favorite part of the day:  out on the rink skating with his kids.  We got a few pictures tonite of the kids on their skates, as well as a video mainly showcasing Emmy.  Tonite was the first nite that she did some actual ice skating - as opposed to just "standing" on her skates.  She was so excited about it!  Ben took Lucy on the ice and she LOVED it.  He would just slide her around - in circles, back and forth, etc.  Oh man, she kept going up to Ben and would say "skate" - her new word of the day.  Ben could hardly refuse her cute and adorable requests.  We failed to get a picture, but will some other time this week.

 Ice beauty.  :)

 You can see her seriousness - the deep concentration on her face, her arms out for balance. . . I love it.

 Wahoo!  Jonas loves the rink.

Miles loves it, too.  He even fell today and got a bloody nose - then, after his hysterics were over, he got back out and skated on his own choosing.  So cool.

And a video:

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Our Little Trip to Littleton

We headed out for the New Year's Weekend to Littleton to visit Ben's parents.  We had a, thankfully, uneventful drive on Friday evening - probably the clearest traveling we've ever had there in the wintertime.  Nice for us, bad for ski resorts.

Saturday morning we decided to hit some sledding slops.  It hadn't snowed in over a week there, but there was still white stuff hanging around.  Unfortunately that made it super hard and icy.  I couldn't believe my kids could climb up the hill without sliding back down - but they did.  The kids had a grand old time - at first, more of that to come.  But I was pretty miserable, as was Jim (Ben's dad).  I don't know about Ben.  It was just sooooooooo windy.  Incredible.  And the wind made it very Brrrrrrrrrrrr.
 Here's Jonas going down.  Weeeee.

 And Emmy.

We didn't get any pictures of Miles.  But he loved it, too.  He was bummed when we had to go.  And we had to go because Jonas and Emmy got in to a sledding accident - they were going down together and then got bumped out, rolled over each other, hit their faces together, on the icy snow, etc.  Emmy had quite the nose-bleed - blood everywhere.  I'm sure she was in pain, but probably also seeing that much blood made her even more upset.  Poor gal.
 Back at home.  Cleaned up a little bit.  She had stopped crying by this point - until I told her I needed to wipe her face.  (Miles had put a homemade "tattoo" on her forehead earlier.  It was supposed to say, "girls."  But said "grils" instead.  Oh well.)

 You can't see Jonas' new marks, really.  You can see his goose-egg bruise from our ice rink incident a few days earlier.  Then he got new scratches on the bruise, right below it (where some hair is covering it), on his cheek, and on his chin.  Tough boy!  Tough boy who doesn't want to go sledding anytime in the near future. . . :)

 Later that afternoon we had some safe fun in the snow out back building a fort.  Pretty cool.  Later on our 2 boys and Grandpa Max had quite a fun snowball "fight."

 New Year's Eve.  Not much happened really.  The kids got some oreos and milk - that was pretty special. :)  Ben and I played Apples to Apples with Jim and Diana and that was fun.  We were in bed by 10.  I don't think any one in that house even contemplated staying up for the New Year.  It's totally overrated anyways. . .

On Sunday evening we had Great-Grandma Dee over for dinner.  After dinner Lucy put on quite the show for us all.  I have no idea what had gotten in to her!  Spiked cottage cheese perhaps?  She was so silly.

 She'd run around, then put her head to the ground. . .

 then life up one leg.  She did this well over a dozen times.  It was nuts.  Funny, for sure.  But nuts!  It was a great performance for Grandma Dee to get to see.  :)

This picture is cheating as it wasn't taken in Littleton.  But here is our New Year's Day tradition (that we did on the 2nd):  breaking up the gingerbread houses.  And eating whatever.  Until a certain time.  Cool.

And here's a video of goofy Lucy: