Monday, January 16, 2012

The Big Rink

So we thought we should try out our kids' skating skills on a bigger rink.  The backyard rink has been perfect for teaching our kids to skate.  We've usually made it to a rink once or twice a year in the past couple of years - but our kids would really never skate since they had never had the practice.  But now they get out on our little backyard rink a few times a week and can skate - rather than just walk around on ice-skates.

Anyways, there is this great and awesome and free rink in Ouray - about 45 minutes south of us.  So since everyone had the day off today we went there and had a really great time.


erinmalia said...

so fun. seriously, i'm going to send rhett to live with you guys.

Nicole said...

Ditto on the so fun. Good thing my kids don't know what they are missing!!

Ok and how do you put text onto your pics?! I'm dying to know how to do that! Well, a cheap way, that is :)

emily said...

hey nicole - i just add text in adobe photoshop. simple, simple. i think you can also do it on picnik.com.

courtney said...

love it! and how cute is lucy all bundled up and looking like a marshmallow?! i just want to squeeze her. :)

Montrose Lewises said...

Crazy! I never caught on that that rink would work as an ice skating rink ;/ Der. I can't wait to start braving winter activities with my kids. You are an inspiration :)