Saturday, January 21, 2012

by Miles

Miles worked hard last week on a book entitled "Guppy and Loose Jaw."  (Thou he spelled it "Gupy and Loos Jaw").  The boys had gotten an ocean book for Christmas and Miles, of course, loves it.  He is particularly fond of the loosejaw at the current moment of time.  He wrote the book from what he had remembered reading.  It's non-fiction (or close to it!).  He thought it would be great for me to post it, so here it is:  (it's sort of long)

Last night he drew one of my favorite pictures he's every drawn.  I don't know why I love it so, I just do.  The colors are much more vivid than what the scanned copy shows.

And here is some more "creativity by Miles" that I came upon this evening:
 Here's Miles, staying up way past his bedtime.  I had no idea what that "mess" was in his closet, until I came closer and read this note:
 HA!  I guess they took it upon themselves to have Emmy sleepover. . . in their closet.  Hilarious.

Pretty cozy!


erinmalia said...

was emmy actually sleeping?! and i love miles' story.

courtney said...

maybe she could make the closet her permanent living quarters? then you would have an extra bedroom! ha ha. your kids are great!

Montrose Lewises said...

I LOVE Miles' drawing! I would mat and frame and white out the "Ben" part. Your hubs is AWESOME but the picture is beautiful and the random name throws me off :D
And SO CUTE, hiding Emmy in their closet with a little lamp and all... Such sweet sibling love.