Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lucy Goo

Lucy has many nicknames:  Lucy Goo, Lucy-Goosey, Ucy (said by Emmy, who can't say her "l's") and so on.  She's almost 17 months old and is really just too cute.  Most of the time.  She did go to time-out for her first time to day.  I was kind of joking around when I told her I'd put her in time-out - she kept standing on the dishwasher as I was unloading the dishes.  She caused it to fall down even.  I told her no many times.  Then I told her she'd have to go to time-out if she did it again.  She did it again.  Poor baby - tho it was so cute and the whole family was just laughing.  It was kind of cruel:  Lucy sitting in the corning bawling, and us laughing/smiling.  But it was just cute.  But guess what was so sad!?  A while later, after her time-out was over, she just randomly went over to the corner, sat down, and bawled again.  Sweet little Lucy!

Here are a couple pictures of her on the ice rink with Ben:
 See, lovin' it!

Life is Good.

 And here is just a happy, smiling Lucy.  My favorite kind of Lucy.  :)

 Oh.  My.  Gosh.  She'll kill me one day for posting this picture as it is ummmmm a little (k, maybe a lot) unflattering.  (But Ben is making me post it - so Lucy can be mad at him. . . ha.)  But this is what Lucy does when she really wants something (like a treat, or for her dad to take her for a skate. . .):  she does the sign for "please" and then scrunches up her shoulders, squints her eyes, and grins.  Ta-da!  It cracks me up every time - and I've seen it a lot.

Proof that Lucy is really a beauty.  :)  We sure do love her around these parts!


erinmalia said...

haha. totally unflattering! but totally awesome. i love the picture in my head and everyone laughing at poor time-out lucy.

courtney said...

i'm glad ben made you post that picture - so funny!