Friday, January 20, 2012

My Grandpa

 My Grandmother Ethel and Grandfather Marlin.

A picture of my young grandparents, plus their oldest child - my dad.

My grandfather passed away yesterday - quite unexpectedly and rather quickly.  Of course it is sad to lose a family member, but when that said family member was 96 years old it is really a bitter-sweet occasion.  When my mother's mom passed away last year we all were grateful that 1.  She was able to live on her own until her very end, and 2.  She went quickly.  Well those same blessing occurred with my father's father as well.  He was living on his own - in an assisted living center, but still pretty much on his own.  And he went quickly.  He had another blessing, tho, which my grandmother did not:  some of his children were with him at his time of passing.

I didn't have any recent pictures with my grandfather and so I went to a book he had made a while ago:  The Life and Times of Marlin C. Galbraith and Ethel Briggs Galbraith.  Looking at it a bit this morning created a desire in me to look at it more often - it is rather an extensive biography, filled with great detail (too much at times!?  like the details of every single car he owned. . . :) and wonderful pictures.  So I scanned in a couple of pictures from that booklet.  What was especially sweet was the letter he had written to me personally on the inside cover of the biography.  I'll share his last paragraph he wrote me:

"I love you, Emily, and am very proud of you.  You are doing very well in preparing yourself for a successful life with all its rewards, both spiritual and temporal.  Hold to the rod.  Have fun along the way.  Grandpa."

I especially liked his cute ending.  :)  He was an all-around good man  A hard worker.  He enjoyed the outdoors.  He and my grandmother lived in Island Park, Idaho for many years - year-round - where the snowfall would be so much as to cover up their windows.  They were tough!   He could be stern with us grandkids at times, yet he was always gentle and calm.  Although his old-look perhaps was always a little daunting to my kids (his great-grandkids) he never seemed to let that bother him and still enjoyed being around them - smiling at their little antics.

I'm sad to lose my grandfather - a man that came from a great and passing generation.  My generation, frankly, should learn more from them.  But I'm happy for him.  He wanted this - he had lived the good life and was ready to move on.


Diana said...

Thanks for letting us know about your grandfather. It always hard to have someone pass on, even when it is time and they have lived a good life How nice to have a book about his life and such nice memories.
Love to you,
Diana & Jim

Niederfam said...

Well said. ;)

Nicole said...

What a cute paragraph he wrote for you!!

Rachelle said...

I remember meeting your grandpa, Emily, and I liked him, especially because of the Island Park connection. I hope you and your family are comforted by the sweet memories you have of him.

courtney said...

what a sweet tribute to your grandpa. i think that cold idaho weather must keep people healthy because both my grandparents were also in their 90's and living on their own when they passed away. :)

he sounds like a wonderful man. it must be hard for your parents to be away at a time like this - thank goodness families are forever!

Montrose Lewises said...

Oh my word I totally missed this. I was in Kansas still, for my uncle's funeral so that's my excuse but I'm getting my head above water now... I think my kids will feel that way about my blogging, it's fun and sometimes too detailed :D but c'est la vie. Hopefully it will help them remember who they are and bring us closer together as a family as a result.
I love that he advised you to "have fun along the way." I think he would agree you are managing that well.