Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Our Little Trip to Littleton

We headed out for the New Year's Weekend to Littleton to visit Ben's parents.  We had a, thankfully, uneventful drive on Friday evening - probably the clearest traveling we've ever had there in the wintertime.  Nice for us, bad for ski resorts.

Saturday morning we decided to hit some sledding slops.  It hadn't snowed in over a week there, but there was still white stuff hanging around.  Unfortunately that made it super hard and icy.  I couldn't believe my kids could climb up the hill without sliding back down - but they did.  The kids had a grand old time - at first, more of that to come.  But I was pretty miserable, as was Jim (Ben's dad).  I don't know about Ben.  It was just sooooooooo windy.  Incredible.  And the wind made it very Brrrrrrrrrrrr.
 Here's Jonas going down.  Weeeee.

 And Emmy.

We didn't get any pictures of Miles.  But he loved it, too.  He was bummed when we had to go.  And we had to go because Jonas and Emmy got in to a sledding accident - they were going down together and then got bumped out, rolled over each other, hit their faces together, on the icy snow, etc.  Emmy had quite the nose-bleed - blood everywhere.  I'm sure she was in pain, but probably also seeing that much blood made her even more upset.  Poor gal.
 Back at home.  Cleaned up a little bit.  She had stopped crying by this point - until I told her I needed to wipe her face.  (Miles had put a homemade "tattoo" on her forehead earlier.  It was supposed to say, "girls."  But said "grils" instead.  Oh well.)

 You can't see Jonas' new marks, really.  You can see his goose-egg bruise from our ice rink incident a few days earlier.  Then he got new scratches on the bruise, right below it (where some hair is covering it), on his cheek, and on his chin.  Tough boy!  Tough boy who doesn't want to go sledding anytime in the near future. . . :)

 Later that afternoon we had some safe fun in the snow out back building a fort.  Pretty cool.  Later on our 2 boys and Grandpa Max had quite a fun snowball "fight."

 New Year's Eve.  Not much happened really.  The kids got some oreos and milk - that was pretty special. :)  Ben and I played Apples to Apples with Jim and Diana and that was fun.  We were in bed by 10.  I don't think any one in that house even contemplated staying up for the New Year.  It's totally overrated anyways. . .

On Sunday evening we had Great-Grandma Dee over for dinner.  After dinner Lucy put on quite the show for us all.  I have no idea what had gotten in to her!  Spiked cottage cheese perhaps?  She was so silly.

 She'd run around, then put her head to the ground. . .

 then life up one leg.  She did this well over a dozen times.  It was nuts.  Funny, for sure.  But nuts!  It was a great performance for Grandma Dee to get to see.  :)

This picture is cheating as it wasn't taken in Littleton.  But here is our New Year's Day tradition (that we did on the 2nd):  breaking up the gingerbread houses.  And eating whatever.  Until a certain time.  Cool.

And here's a video of goofy Lucy:


erinmalia said...

dude. your kids look totally beat up! hysterical. i love miles in the background of the video.

and i have to say, i'm excited that next year, ollie will be doing these things.

courtney said...

those sledding injuries look pretty bad! glad nobody got permanently damaged. :)

ah, lucy. she is a charmer!