Monday, January 09, 2012

So long Christmas Break. . .

Christmas break is now over - well, the boys start back in school tomorrow.  I think the break was a day or two too long for me!  While we had a fun time, I do like the structure and schedule that school provides.  But the kids really just had fun playing at home for the most part.  Playing with their new Christmas toys - which turned out to be the perfect toys for them, I think.

The ice rink is still up and running!  I'm pretty sure it's Ben favorite part of the day:  out on the rink skating with his kids.  We got a few pictures tonite of the kids on their skates, as well as a video mainly showcasing Emmy.  Tonite was the first nite that she did some actual ice skating - as opposed to just "standing" on her skates.  She was so excited about it!  Ben took Lucy on the ice and she LOVED it.  He would just slide her around - in circles, back and forth, etc.  Oh man, she kept going up to Ben and would say "skate" - her new word of the day.  Ben could hardly refuse her cute and adorable requests.  We failed to get a picture, but will some other time this week.

 Ice beauty.  :)

 You can see her seriousness - the deep concentration on her face, her arms out for balance. . . I love it.

 Wahoo!  Jonas loves the rink.

Miles loves it, too.  He even fell today and got a bloody nose - then, after his hysterics were over, he got back out and skated on his own choosing.  So cool.

And a video:


erinmalia said...

seriously, what an awesome thing you guys did. does it melt a little with sun or it or no?

emily said...

no it really doesn't ever quite melt. but it doesn't ever really get direct sunlight - i think that's why it stays pretty much frozen.

i {heart} hawkes said...

you do the most fun things with your kids, i love it.