Thursday, February 02, 2012

Da Boyz

Now it's on to the boys' updates.  Miles is a pretty great student - at least I think so.  Thus, I - at times - think boarding school would be so great for him.  His wonderful qualities do him well at school-like settings.  His not-so-wonderful-and-more-like-horrible qualities do him poorly at home.  Ben and I are often "beside ourselves" with that boy b/c we don't know what to do with him that we haven't already done, blah, blah.  His "problems" are hard to describe really.  But it pretty much boils down to:  1. him being a supreme pesterer  and 2.  him not having any clue on when enough is enough.  A game can go from fun to cries in a matter of seconds when Miles comes around.

But, with all that said and done, Miles truly is a wonderful kid.  I'm amazed at how he can be so thoughtless (not mean-spirited thoughtlessness, just genuine thoughtlessness) one minute and so sweetly thoughtful the next. He is a very tender boy.  He is very helpful.  He is a great cleaner - when made to clean.  He's really in to his legos.  He creates fun games to play - until. . . it becomes not fun anymore.  He 2 favorite things, as he declared in his classroom on Monday, are playing and cooking.  He decided he wanted to do gymnastics.  I really wanted him to take art classes (the kid is very artistic and creative), but gave him the option and he choose gymnastics.  Even after his trial class, he still wants it over art.  Alrighty, we'll see how it goes. . .

He's an amazing reader.  He pretty much reads a book a night.  A full-sized kid book - like 75-100 pages.  He especially likes the Magic Tree House books - but reads pretty much anything.  He recently read some Roscoe Riley books and some Ready Freddy books, too.  When he finishes them at night he comes down and tries to tell Ben and me everything that happened in the book.  Sometimes we let him.  Other times, we just have to cut him off.

(It's now a few hours later that I am writing this.  I could end Miles' update on a really, really sour note - seeing as that's how he decided to end my evening.  But I'm biting my tongue.  Really hard.)

So on to Jonas.  The poor kid who gets the brunt of Miles' "crud" as I'll nicely call it.  I hope as Jonas gets older he'll just rise above it, rather than whine about it.  But I can't say I blame the kid.  He's been dealing with it since just a baby:

and this:

Oh brother.  Oh bother.  But he'll be all the better for it, right?

He, too, is a really great student.  But I don't threaten boarding school on him.  For a kindergartner I think he's a really great reader.  He's also a great writer - with pretty good spelling and penmanship.  He has a best-buddy at school - Jake.  He's a somewhat close neighbor and so we know him and his family.  Jonas tells me all about Jake's rifles and BB guns and how he's going to go shooting rabbits with Jake and his dad this summer.  And on and on.  We had Jake over for about 4 hours last Friday and Jonas could not have been happier.  He's also in to his legos lately.  He loves to build his boat, take it down, then build it again.  Finally today he started creating flying objects with his lego pieces and they were really cool.  He always talks of making an airplane crash for some reason.  But then one day, when he thought he was going to have to fly on an airplane, he exclaimed, "No, I don't want it to crash!"  Funny boy.

He really likes little babies - especially Lucy.  He's totally cute with little ones.  He loves to make banana bread and - lucky him - we got to make it today.  I found a clearance lunch box the other day at Target - it was Mario.  Jonas has played Mario like twice in his life, yet loves Mario.  He saw the lunch box and has begun using it for his snack-box (he's only 1/2 day, so lunch for him).  He's very protective of his box and doesn't want Lucy to even touch it.

For the very most part, he's a lovely boy to have around.

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erinmalia said...

haha. those boys. wouldn't it be awesome to switch families some day? how i'd love to get to know your kids better. let's just wait until ollie and lucy are a tad older, shall we?