Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A LOVEly Valentine's Day

So I think everyone had a good day.  Here is a picture I took in the morning - while their valentine shirts were still clean (it didn't last long. . .):

Yes, this was the best I got!  I'm not sure what Lucy's problem was, but it might have been something about me taking her BooBoo away.  That girl.  But I love the picture because I love these kids.

When we got back to taking the boys to school, the girls had some fun.  I painted Lucy's fingernails for the first time - holy hard.  The polish was practically off before I got to blow it dry.  But she still loved it and would look at her hand and say, "Wow."  Totally worth it.  She had to go to bed before her special treat from me (a chocolate sucker), but she did get to enjoy some pop-rock candy in the morning.  It was awesome watching her eat it.  :)  Love her.

Emmy and her lovely nails (we did her toes, too).  She was so happy about the polish.  We went to Mostly Music today and had a lot of fun there.  We also delivered her valentines to some of her friends (mainly walking around the neighborhood) and that was really fun and special for her, I think.  Of course the yummy treats of the day made it extra sweet for her as well.  Love her.

Jonas had a really good valentines party at school - filled with cupcakes, cookies, valentines, oh my.  When he got home we all looked and read his valentines.  So cute.  Of course he thought the little messages on each valentine were totally specific to him ("See, she does think we bee-long together!"  or "Why did she say that to me?  She doesn't like me."  It was too adorable.)  Love him.

Of course Miles had a wonderful day.  He loves this type of stuff - really, what kid doesn't?!  He had a fun valentines party, too - filled with treats, games, and valentines.  The above Valentine was one of our favorites.  :)  "Happy Valentine's Day, Miles.  Your true lover, (I blotted out her name just b/c)."  How awesomely funny and sweet is that!?  Love him.

I got the kids and Ben some extra-special treats from Gertrude Hawks - mine and Ben's favorite chocolate store we found while living in New York.  The kids kept saying "yum!" as they ate their "Valentines kabob" tonite.  It was perfect.  Ben sliced up some of his chocolate-covered-apple-rolled-in-nuts and shared some with me.  Yum.

So a good day.

P.S.  Love Ben, too.  A lot.


Nicole said...

So cute. Loved your post!! Sounds like everyone had a great, fun day!

Montrose Lewises said...

I'm so glad I got to see your cute girl faces today!
Thank you! And I adore the boys' shirts, too!

erinmalia said...

oh and i love those kids! dang, what a bad aunt. i should have sent them something. next year---when i don't have a six-month-old. anyway, super cute pictures and the shirts turned out awesome!