Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Only Girls Allowed

So I don't know what has been up the last couple of weeks - but life is crazy busy.  I don't know with what.  Truly I don't.  But just trying to maintain and keep-up on the every-day type of things can just be crazy I guess.  I haven't posted much in a while, so I thought I would just do an update.  Today I'll just do the girls.  I tend to get wordy and long with my updates, so it's probably best I split it up.

Lucy is just about 18 months old.  Nursery-age in Mormondom!  Wahoo.  I simply adore having her around me at church, but of lately she has become quite a handful and/or distraction.  Here's hoping she goes right in  to nursery without any problems (hahahaha).  She talks a lot.  A lot of gibberish.  And a lot of sensible words - such as skate (as in, "Dad, take me on the ice rink!"), buckle (as in, "Someone unbuckle me so I can get out of the car!"), monkey (as in, "I wish Cotton was a monkey."  $1 to anyone who knows where that comes from without goggling it. . .), book (as in, "No way can you put me down without reading me a book even if you are pressed for time, Mom."), snack, (as in, "I'll make a huge mess of whatever you give me."), and so on.  She pretty much wants to do whatever her siblings are doing - especially Emmy.  She truly loves and adores her.  She loves, loves, loves babies.  "BABY!" was all I heard from her last week when I took 3/4 of the kids to Target.  "Baby, baby, baby. . ."  And on and on and on.  We went down the baby aisles and then it was all she could talk about.  Our friends at church had a little baby doll that they let Lucy play with during sacrament meeting.  She refused to give it back nicely so it's currently at our home.  She, like her big sister, likes to undress it - or have me undress/dress it multiple times in one second.  I don't get it - Mom, did I feel the need to nakify (how's that for a word) all my dolls?  She likes to wear shoes.  She likes it when Emmy puts chapstick on her.  She's eaten my deodorant a few times (why more-than-once is beyond me. . .).  When I tell her to be nice, she says, "Niiiiie" and then hugs me or pats my face.  And, like her big-sister once again, she has a "Boo" (though we usually call hers a "BooBoo") that she sleeps with and carries with her as much as possible:

Now on to big-sister Emmy.  Or little-sister.  Whatever.  She's a sweet little beauty.  She's been sick this week, though.  Poor gal.  So I originally diagnosed her with a UTI.  Classic symptoms showed up at church during sacrament meeting (classic timing, too, I guess. . .).  She started c/o her bum hurting - which is pretty close to her perineal area, so I figured I knew what she meant.  She had to pee lots.  She claimed when she went that it stung her, etc.  So Ben took her to the doc's on Monday morning and he doubted she had a UTI, but thought something more along the lines of basically a skin-irritation rash.  Okay.  Her signs of a UTI started disappearing, but then came other signs.  Like fever (over 102 - I couldn't wait for it to finish.  Things to do you super-slow thermometer!), low-to-none appetite, tired, etc.  So then we thought she had something else (strep again?!) and that we were just fooled by the original UTI symptoms.  Today, she woke up, feeling pretty spry.  Wahoo.  No high fever.  Slight appetite.  Definite increase of energy (riding a tricycle on the ice rink. . .).  Yay, I thought.  Then the doc's nurse calls:  she has a UTI.  Are you kidding me!?  I actually laughed when she told me.  So anyways, I guess they want her back on antibiotics.  Sheesh.

Anyways, what a ridiculously long paragraph about my girl's UTI.  She probably won't be thrilled about this when she's a teen.  Poor babe.  Other stuff about Emmy.  She got her haircut on Monday - pretty much her first one.  (She had a "trim" once just b/c her brothers were getting haircuts. . .).  It's really cute.  It's not a big change - just basically cutting off her thin, whispy ends.

She now loves doing school with me and wants to do it everyday.  She has made huge improvements.  HUGE (sigh of relief inserted here).  She knows all her letters, sounds, and can write most of them well.  When we first started she knew none of this - especially writing.  Now, without me "teaching" her or having her practice writing the letters (that will come later. . .), she just does it on her own.  It's pretty much beyond awesome.  Which brings me to a slightly related topic.  We will probably not start her in school next year.  She'll turn 5 the end of August and so she does make the deadline, but we think we'll wait.  Not because she's not "ready."  But we (Ben and me) think it could really benefit her and her personality to be the oldest in her class, as opposed to the youngest.  That's what we think now.  We'll see where we stand in a few more months.

She'll be starting gymnastics class next week.  I gave her the option:  ballet or gymnastics.  She choose gymnastics and so we'll see how it goes.  We went to a "trial" class to make sure it's what she wanted.  She loved it.  But I truly think I loved watching her more.  She is such a little beauty and, oh, those pointed-toes that just come natural to her!  So I'm excited for her to be doing this weekly (thank-you tax refund. . .).

She loves love Lucy, but does get slightly "annoyed" with her as well.  Ever so slightly, though.  She's good to her.  She loves her dad.  And, yes, she still loves her "boo":


erinmalia said...

what totally cute kids. i can't believe lucy is talking!

in the uti paragraph, what does "c/o" mean? i guessed complaining of, but is that a nurse thing?

emily said...

yes, c/o = complaining of. and i think it's a nursing thing. we write it A LOT in our nurses' notes. of course. :)

erinmalia said...

sure. just never seen it. thanks for helping me learn something new.

oh yeah, if you do decide to keep emmy out of K until the next year, she and rhett will be in the same grade! yeah! i think that's a good enough reason, right?