Sunday, February 05, 2012

Silverton 2012

I wish I could say it was the best trip ever.  But I can't.  But I really wanted to - I wanted it to be a totally fun family trip.  While it was still good, with moments of great bliss, it fell short of being "great."  Oh well, there is always next year.  At least I think so. . .

I am always good at "lowering my expectations" when trips involve kids - so I don't get super-deflated when it's less than ideal.  So I'm not sure why I had such high expectations this time.  Perhaps b/c I just really needed (wanted??) a good, relaxing, and fun break.  But I think my family is still quite young - my kids, not necessarily Ben and me - and so that does present challenges.  

Anywho, it was a good trip.  A trip worth taking, yes.  The objective of the trip was met - letting the kids go skiing.  So I can't complain too much.  Just a little perhaps.

We drove up Friday morning in not-horrible conditions.  It had snowed overnight, but the roads weren't completely snow-packed.  Yes, I closed my eyes for the 5-mile stretch of mountain-pass craziness.  But Ben is a rock-star of a driver.  We got to the ski area and Emmy was the first one to ski with Ben.  Then Miles.  Then Jonas.  We (minus Ben and Miles - now skiing) checked in to our "house" a little after noon and that was good to just chill, unpack, let Lucy nap, etc.  Jonas was the last - per his request.  He did well, but his last run he looked miserable.  He wasn't feeling so hot.  We went back to our place and Jonas took about an hour nap.  I woke him up and tried to get him to eat something, but he wouldn't and fell back asleep.  He finally woke up when we started the movie, ate 3 bowls of cereal, and felt somewhat better.

Saturday morning.  Jonas was doing a little better - but not really good.  But he was still determined to ski that day.  Ben had wanted to ice skate on the rink all day on Friday - he and I were going to go after the kids had skied, but it was being "resurfaced" at exactly the same time.  Bummer.  So Saturday morning he took the 3 oldest kids to the rink.  Per Ben, they lasted less than 10 minutes.  Ben was so sad and frustrated.  Yes, the car did say it was -4 degrees, but still. . . Another bummer.  So we just hung out at the house until a little before 11 (the ski area doesn't open until then and that was our check-out time).

The order of Saturday went Jonas, Emmy, and then Miles.  We rented a sled and the kids enjoyed that for a bit.  Miles wore my gators and that made all the difference for him and playing in the snow.  Jonas felt okay while skiing and then got progressively worse as the day went on.  We finished up the day - and Ben and I still didn't get our date on ice.  There was a big group playing hockey.  Besides the fact that Jonas looked and felt like crud and so we had best be on our way anways.

In terms of skiing, I think the kids did really great.  The boys finally got the snow-plow and so they could ski on their own.  The whole slope.  So that was really fun.  Jonas really got on with the snow-plow on Friday, Miles not until Saturday.  But Ben gave Miles the "Most Improved" award so that was good for him!  Miles surprised me by wanting to do the large jumps and also by wanting to go down a steeper run.  He did get a little out of control on the steep run and crashed into another little girl.  But, besides the drama (which apparently this little girl thrives on. . .), all was well.  Miles even tried the steep run again - this time without incident.  Awesome.  Jonas just did great.  I hope we can take him again when he feels better, though.  Emmy was pretty much harnessed-up the entire time, but still did well.

Here are some pictures to make my post even longer:

Hanging Out:
 Eating breakfast.  I'm even in the picture.  :)

 Funny picture, but it does show the lodge where would hang out, warm up, eat, color, etc.

 Jonas, Emmy, and I played some pick-up sticks at the place.  Jonas is building a contraption here, I think.

Friday nite movie-time.  Jonas was quarantined in the back - he'd just awoken.  We did let him join the other kids on the couch. . . :)

The only one I got of just Ben.  He enjoyed that he didn't always have to follow right behind the boys.  So he got to do the jumps himself at times.  Wahoo.

 He enjoyed the sledding spot!  He was pretty much the only kid that figured out how to use the steering and brakes.

So cool!  Skiing down the mountain!  I was very proud of him.

 Another cool kid cruising down the slopes.

 He had fun - but couldn't steer.  And wasn't feeling great anyways.

 The snow-mound is always fun to play on!

See, yep.  Pretty much feeling miserable.  Poor kid.

 Wheee - she loved sliding down the mound of snow!

 I love this picture - it shows Lucy giving Ben a sweet head-hug.  She gave lots and lots of hugs to Ben that trip.  Maybe she missed him or something.  It was so adorable.

 Cute Emmy with the lodge behind her.

 Skiing at the end harness-free.

 Yep, no steering control.  :)

Plain tuckered out!

 There she goes!

 She couldn't do much in the snow - but she certainly could eat the snow that stuck on her mittens!

 Yay, she loved snow-eating!

And my favorite picture of her!  So cute!  She is laughing at Emmy sliding down the snow.  What a doll.

Oh this post almost wore me out as much as the trip.  Though not really at all.  Good times for sure.  Great times to come, right!?


erinmalia said...

so much fun. when did jonas get that handsome haircut? i love it. but am sad he didn't feel so hot.

courtney said...

it's true. sometimes blogging about the trip feels longer than the actual trip. and trips with kids? hard work. we always find the time away exhausting but the memories seem to get better the more time that passes. :) it seems like the kids (except maybe jonas?) had a great time! you and ben will have to make time to skate TWICE next time to make up for this time...