Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miles' 8th Birthday!

 Happy Birthday Miles and a good morning to ya!  (Poor kid was sooooo excited the night before his birthday that he stayed up until 10 b/c he just couldn't fall asleep.  He did get 231 pages read that night!  :)
He totally looks like an 8-year old.  Sigh.

 He got to open 2 (!) presents in the morning.  For a couple reasons:  1.  He was going to have to wait clear until after dinner to open his gifts and 2.  He really wanted to do a "magic show" at school that day.  Ben and I had sat through a few of these magic shows the previous weekend.  They were all made-up magic.  Thus I thought it would be good to give him one of his gifts, the magic coin trick, before school and thus he could do that.  Which he did.  He worked out perfectly.

Miles' party was right after school.  In fact, 3 kids got to walk home with us and that was super fun.  Miles invited 5 classmates - a great number in my opinion!  4 came and it was pretty much the perfect number.  We decided to do a "science theme" party - mind you, this was our first "real" party - i.e., with classmates and the works.
 The invites.  I found a similar one online and copied it.

The "lab" set-up.  I didn't think to call it the lab at the party, that just came to me now.  :)  The card listed all the experiments/activities we were going to do:  snack n' facts, inflating balloons, soap souffle, static game, lava bottles, GAK, dry ice bubbles, screaming balloons, then pizza and cake.  Whooowheee.

 Ha, the first experiment was a hit!

 Here is the static game.  I had cut up crepe paper and we dumped them on the floor.  Then the kids had to rub their hair with a balloon and pick up as many pieces as they could.  Fun times.

We made lava bottles.  We dumped in alkaseltzer for the really cool bubbling effects.  Then made it even cooler by placing them on top of a flashlight.  It was awesome how much the kids just loved everything.  Such a great group kiddos!

 We made GAK - somewhat akin to silly putty.  They were all (well, not quite all. . .) getting their hands in it.  Cool.

 The dry ice bubbles were pretty fantastic.  The kids, of course, loved it.


We finished the party with pizza and cake.  The cake was a sort-of flop.  I kind of petered out the night before on what I was going to do.  It was just a little much.  So I decided to try this on Miles:  "Why don't we have all the kids make their own "cake experiment?"  We'll crumble up some cakes, put out toppings, and let the kids create their own."  He totally bought it and so that all worked out!  Phew.

It was such a sweet birthday party and I adored the kids (my own and Miles' friends) so much.  It was pretty much a pure delight.

Yea, happy birthday indeed!

P.S. His grandparents arrived right about dinner/cake/chaos time.  Later that evening, after the friends had left and we had cleaned up, Miles opened his gifts.  He loved/loves them all.  Seriously.  A good day truly.


Nicole said...

How fun! I love the science idea!! I would even want to go to a party like that and science is definitely my worst subject! ha!!

erinmalia said...

So fun! I agree with Nicole--we adults need some sort of fun science party. Happy birthday Miles! The Hubands love you!

courtney said...

what a great party idea! looks like super fun. and really, i think you are right - 4 friends sounds like the perfect number. when it comes to birthdays, less is more. :) it looked like a great day for miles!