Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miles' baptism

Miles was able to get baptized the day following his birthday - pretty lucky.  It was a lovely day - with brilliant sunshine and spring weather.  And Miles was pretty much Miles.  Like I've said before, Miles stays pretty much true to himself.  So, no, he was not sitting quietly, with arms folded, pondering the sweet talks being given at his baptism.  He was a little squirmy - or maybe a lot.  Ben's parents, Grandpa Max and Diana, were there and gave a great talk on baptism.  Grandpa Max asked Miles a few times, "Miles, are you paying attention?"  And the truth is, he didn't look like he was, but he most likely could have repeated back what was being said - he's so like that.  (Side-note:  Often times at FHE Miles is the same way.  I'll then say, "Miles, what are we talking about!?"  He'll pretty much repeat what we've said.  That boy.)  The actual baptism part and confirmation of the Holy Ghost were nice and peaceful.  Of course there was a good spirit there.  :)  It was a neat experience watching Ben baptizing our Miles.  So wonderful.

Here are some pictures:
 Before:  handsome in white.

 After:  still handsome.

 The baptized boy and his parents.

 The baptized boy and his Grandpa Max and Diana (Miles calls both of his grandmas by their first name).
We had a really nice weekend with them here.  It's always great to have family come.

And this is a towel Miles got from a friend in Jim and Diana's ward.  How thoughtful of her.  Miles LOVES it!  Seriously.  It stays by his pillow at nights.  Last night he told me, "I love my pillow."  See, he does.  So cute.


erinmalia said...

i totally commented already! where did it go!? argh.

ANYWAY, miles is awesome! glad you guys had a great day and sorry we couldn't be there for it.

courtney said...

i love it! a handsome family, that baptized boy has.