Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pictures to come. . .

So my PayPal account was hacked in to and someone tried to order 2 laptops with my account - thus MY money.  Luckily PayPal rocks, stopped the transaction before I had even contacted them, etc.  I thought it might have been a result of some scam I was just about conned in to - but it looks like some sneaky people just figured out my password somehow.  Crazy.  So now my computer is at the hospital, a virus was found, and appropropriate antibiotics are now in force.  Hopefully I'll get my computer tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  I'm using some super ancient computer that is slow, has about zero upgrades, and is slow (yes, I said that twice on purpose).  Sigh.  And I'm stuck with the absolute worst nasal congestion I have EVER had.  No exaggeration.  What to do, what to do?  Seriously, what can I do?  I have never had any pills that has ever helped out with congestion.  I love Afrin nasal spray as it is amazing - clears my passages in under 5 minutes - and it stays cleared for 12 hours.  The downside is you should only use it for 3 days.  I used it only once a day - before bed - and you can use it 2xs/day - so can I use it for 6 days?  I don't know, but I'm not going to.  So I'm already bummed about the sleep I'll get tonite.  I even tried some slightly disgusting drink of tomato juice, garlic, hot sauce, and lemon juice.  It did nothing.  Sigh.

Anyways, so sorry to rant about my petty problem.  I just want to say that I'm excited to post some fun pictures of a great weekend - Miles' birthday party and his baptism.  Both were wonderful.

So here's hoping to me getting my computer tomorrow and for my congestion to completely leave me.  Fingers are SO crossed.  Tightly.


erinmalia said...

dude. so sorry. maybe your computer will share some of its antibiotics?

Nicole said...

sorry about your computer. This might not work, but I tried allergy medicine when I couldn't breathe at night and it seemed to do the trick. I don't have allergies, so I hadn't ever considered taking it! hope you find something that works!!

Stacey said...

are you kidding??! rant away!!! what a nightmare, i'm so sorry!!